The Counterintuitive Trick for Naturally Dewy Skin

Switch up your routine for a brighter look.
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Even without extreme changes in weather, my skin always takes a turn for the worst in the fall. While I tan easily and am able to maintain something of a glow during the summer, as soon as the seasons turn, my skin becomes noticeably duller. Recently, while applying my makeup, I made something of a happy accident—I forgot to put my serum on under my moisturizer, so I just patted it on afterwards, directly over my tinted moisturizer and cover-up. I noticed that my skin looked noticeably brighter and dewier all day, which in retrospect makes perfect sense. Applying a serum is the same idea as a setting spray, but lasts much longer—they're full of ingredients that lock-in moisture and create a barely noticeable shine that brightens, without leaving a greasy finish. I don't do it every day, but if I know I'm going to be in front of a camera all day, or my skin is feeling a little bit dull, it feels like a secret weapon.

To try it yourself, apply all your makeup as you normally would (also apply serum under your moisturizer, to reap all of its benefits), then put a drop of water-based serum in your hand (oils may break-down your makeup), rub your palms to evenly spread it across your fingers, then lightly pat it onto your face, taking care not to mess-up or smear your makeup.

Left: Before serum; Right: After serum for a barely-there glow!

Left: Before serum; Right: After serum for a barely-there glow!

Here are some of my favorite serums: