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The Under-the-Radar Self-Tanner That's Almost Too Good to Be True (And Just Happens To Be Natural)

And how I apply it for an even summer glow.
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There are few things I'm totally certain about in life, but one of them is that almost every person looks better with a tan. An amazing tan evens your skin tone, creates a healthy glow, and even somehow manages to make your clothes look better. By now, we all know the sun isn't the best way to get a "healthy" tan, but thankfully I've found something that works just as well, without the health risks. 

For years, I've sworn by the easy-to-apply Tan Towels until I became aware of some of their less-than-ideal ingredients. While I usually don't pay attention to whether my products are natural or not, even I had to admit it probably isn't a great idea to be applying parabens all over my body.

When I finally caved and purchased an all-natural self tanner from Vita Liberata, I thought I'd be compromising on the quality of the tan but felt hopeful after looking at before and after photos. I honestly couldn't believe how well it worked. Almost as soon as I applied it, I noticed a difference. The product smells incredible, goes on evenly, and gave my skin a truly golden glow without any streaking. 

After a few trial and error tests, I've found the best way to apply this product that works for me. First, I shower and exfoliate to cleanse my skin totally, and then I apply a rich body oil all over. I've heard different theories on whether you want your skin to be dry or not, but I've found that applying a rich oil helps it go on more evenly (I used to apply it dry). I start applying the product in concentrated areas, being especially careful around my elbows, ankles, knees, and backs of hands where the product can gather and look fake. Be sure to rub each section in thoroughly (while you can use a tanning mitt, I've had no problem with just using my hand and washing it afterwards). Once I've covered my whole body, I use a pea-sized amount of lotion on my face—a little goes a long way. Unlike most tanners which are meant for the body only, the Vita Liberata works all over my face. The glow is undeniable, and the fact that it doesn't break me out or turn me orange is a rare feat.

Here's what it looked like a few minutes after one application:

Left: Before; Right: After 

Left: Before; Right: After 


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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.