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5 Things to Remember When You Color Your Hair

And what you should do to maintain that fresh-from-the-hair-salon look.
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One of my favorite beauty traditions is getting my hair brightened in preparation for summer months. The physical shift never fails to get me excited for cookouts, picnics, and longer days, but I've experienced a mental shift when it comes to maintaining it. While it's easy for me to see the hours spent at the hair salon as the start-to-finish of my hair coloring process, it's really just the first step in maintaining healthy, beautiful hair for summer. I asked my hair colorist Stephen Garrison for his tips in maintaining colored hair, which I thought would be fun to share here. Read on for Stephen's tips on maintaining lighter-colored locks:

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Bleach breaks down your hair, making it brittle and dry so occasionally use a bond builder to refortify colored hair. Stephen recommends the brand Uberbliss.

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Although purple and blue shampoos have recently become a popular method of keeping blonde highlights from turning brassy, they can still strip color from your hair. Stephen recommends using a color-stay shampoo from Oribe or Pureology. And don't be afraid to play chemist when it comes to the products you use. "Your stylist may recommend a certain product, but be cognizant of how your hair is reacting to it," he said. Just because one brand works for someone else, does not necessarily mean it'll work as well for yours. 

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In general, he recommends switching up your shampoo every 6 to 12 months. Each shampoo has different minerals and proteins so your hair will get a more well-rounded treatment of both when you rotate the brand you're using.

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When it comes to heat-styling your hair, go easy on the strands near your hairline by using a lower heat setting. When you lighten your hair, your strands actually become finer and more fragile. To avoid breakage, don't run that flatiron over your lightened hair multiple times  (in fact, he highly recommends not using a flatiron if possible and just using a curling iron or wand). If you really need one, try doing a single pass for those hairs that frame your face. 

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A fresh cut or color is the perfect opportunity to switch up your makeup—I've found myself gravitating towards a bold red lip color, as it makes my face look even brighter with my blonder hair! And switch up your outfits as a white top will always make your hair look brighter, and vice versa. Stephen says the biggest change he notices in his clients after they get their hair colored is how their mood and demeanor immediately lifts—embrace your new hair color and the confidence it gives you!

Thanks, Stephen, for the lightened locks and the haircare tips! 

Products in this post may contain affiliate links