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The Simple Technique Hailey Bieber's Makeup Artist Uses for Glowy Cheekbones

Two steps for sun-kissed cheeks, even in winter.
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Anytime I see pictures of Hailey Bieber, I question how she manages to get her skin to look so flawless. Luckily, her makeup artist Denika Bedrossian was all too happy to share in a recent interview with Byrdie, written by Chinea Rodriguez, and the key is deceptively simple. Beyond maintaining a hydration-packed skincare routine (Hailey apparently swears by this serum), Bedrossian layers a liquid/solid and powder highlighter in all the places the sun would naturally hit. I always assumed you should pick just one, but when paired together, it amplifies the glow and makes it last longer. Below are the two steps I used to replicate her dewy skin:

1. Apply a solid highlighter. I began by applying the Dehiya Beauty's 'The Halo Effect' to my cheekbones using the tips of my fingers. It's a luminescent highlighter that melts into your skin (and one I love so much we now carry in the Shop). While a lot of illuminators can veer towards the sticky-sparkly variety I preferred in high school, this one is subtle, but blendable, so you can control the shine.

2. Layer on a powder highlighter. To set the first highlighter, I used an Artis brush to apply a touch of powder highlighter from Hourglass's Ambient Lighting Palette

And that's it: A Bieber-worthy glow for events (or just working from home in sweats).

Update: I've updated the post to include Chinea Rodriguez's name and a link to her author profile, and will be crediting authors more diligently in the future.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.