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The Secret To Jess' Effortless, Everyday Curls

And the unconventional curler she uses to achieve them.
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As any of you who follow us on Instagram know, my face is all over Stories on a daily basis. One of the most frequently requested tutorials we receive on the Shop Instagram is for my waves—and I'm more than happy to share my secret weapon (plus a breakdown of my 10-minute styling routine).

I've tried nearly a dozen curling irons and hair tools to avoid ringlets and finally get the effortless, tousled, beachy waves of my dreams. I tried a two-prong curler back in high school (when I first purchased it) and let it accumulate dust until six months ago when I opted to give it another shot. And this thing has changed my life. While the one I currently use (R Sessions Waver) is sometimes unavailable, this one is the most similar, consistently available option I could find. 

I'm aiming for a lived-in, textured wave, and this iron is more forgiving than your typical curling iron (which I still use for special occasions). Since I never want my hair to feel over-styled, I can be a bit more reckless throughout the curling process, and the results still wind up with an intentionally messy finish. Here's how I create my effortless, everyday curls in fewer than ten minutes:

Step 1: Add Ouai Wave Spray to wet hair, then air-dry or blow dry your hair. I prefer to shower in the evening and allow my hair to air-dry while I sleep so I don't overdo it on the heat tools.

Step 2: Once your hair is fully dried, separate it in half, and use a scrunchie or hair clip to pin the top half up. Turn on the curler to 350° F.

Step 3: Choose a relatively large section of hair, and weave it through the two barrels (almost like you're braiding it) until you reach the last inch or so of hair. Hold the iron vertically, but at a slight angle away from your face. (It may help to watch the video at the top of this post to understand this part.)

Step 4: Wait for 10 seconds, release and pull the still-warm piece of hair down to soften the wave.

Step 5: Repeat across the rest of the bottom layer of hair, then the top.

Step 6: Once you complete waving your entire head of hair, brush through it with your fingers to break it up a bit.

Step 7: Because the waver creates so much volume across the bottom of your hair, lift some pieces to reveal your roots and add Living Proof Dry Volume Blast in various places across your scalp. Push your roots up to add a bit of height at the top of your head.

Step 8: Add Living Proof Flex Shaping Hairspray to tame flyaways. 

BONUS: My favorite part of this process is that my hair looks even better on day two. I run over the front pieces to make sure they aren't too messy, hit it with some Living Proof Dry Shampoo and additional hairspray and walk out the door. So easy, and I've saved myself 10 minutes in the morning.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.