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The Makeup Product I Used Last Week That Blew Up My DMs

I'm all about this not-so-understated trend...
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Last week, I posted a Story at an event and was flooded with DMs asking about my eye makeup. I had swiped an olive green shimmery shadow - an old pot of Stila's Magnificent Metals Foil Finish Eye Shadow (no longer available, but see a very similar one here, used in the photo above, and a greener version here) across my lids, barely thinking about it as I ran out the door, but the dark glitter added such a fun touch to an otherwise fairly neutral outfit. The thing is: for the dramatic impact glittery eyeshadow makes, it's surprisingly low-maintenance and easy to apply. Read on for some of my favorite inspiration images, as well as my tips and recommended shadows that go from day (really!) to night:


For daytime...

Glittery eyeshadow isn't exactly a "subdued" look, but I've taken to wearing it during the daytime, with a few adjustments that make it slightly more subtle. The key is to make the rest of your look fairly neutral—go for a simple outfit and natural lip color (i.e., nothing too vampy). The glittery shadow should be something you notice almost as a final touch, so add it to just your top lid, rather than to the bottom rim or as a smokey eye. Staying within a gold palette—from rose gold to yellow gold—also helps keep things daytime appropriate (though those rules are made for breaking—I've been playing around with a swipe of olivey-grey for daytime makeup, too). 

For evening... 

Evening is where you can have more fun with your shadow. Don't be afraid to go over the top and play with bolder colors, different sizes of glitter (like these big celestial-looking pieces), as well as layering shadows. I love adding a darker matte base layer, then creating a sparkly smokey eye on top or adding a dramatic line of glitter to the lower lid. 

P.S., I'll be sharing our family's Halloween costume on Instagram later today!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.