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The Makeup Items We All Have in Our Purses for Touch-Ups

For on-the-go beauty.
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On any given day, our editorial team is in the office by 9, then taking on the day with work, meetings, brainstorms, lunches, and events out. Needless to say, by the time evening plans roll around, we wouldn't look nearly as fresh as we did that morning—if not for a little help. Here are the products we keep on hand to look fresh all day: 

The Makeup Items We All Have in Our Purses for Touch-Ups_Emily

I switch up the products I use all the time, but these are the three items I currently rotate between whichever bag I'm carrying:
1. Laura Mercier 'Flawless Fusion Ultra-Longwear Concealer' (in 2W). The consistency is creamy, but once it's on your skin, it stays put. On those days, where I'm not wearing any tinted moisturizer or foundation, knowing that this is in my bag reassures me that I'll be able to fix any little imperfections quickly and easily. Though the wand tip is convenient to apply directly to your face, I typically dab a little concealer onto my finger tips to warm it up so that it glides on seamlessly.
2. RMS Living Luminizer. I've been told that this product clogs pores, but since I rarely have breakouts on the areas I apply it (cheek and brow bones, down the bridge of my nose, and the top of my forehead), I still use it. A lot of the other highlighters I use are either in bottles or in powder form, which require brushes, so this little pot is just easy. I dunk my finger in, blot it quickly on my face, and that's it.
3. Nars 'Vera' Lipstick. I wrote about this lipstick a while ago and up until recently, I'd forgotten how much I love a berry shade. What's great about this color is that even if I don't have anything else on my lips, I can blot this on so that there's just a stain and I instantly look more awake (bonus: in a pinch, it can also double as a cheek color).

The Makeup Items We All Have in Our Purses for Touch-Ups_Leslie

There are a million reasons I love working at C&C, but admittedly close to the top is the abundance of beauty products in our office. We always have the basics—mascara, lipstick, and eyeliner—that I often layer on top of my very minimal base of day-to-day makeup before going out in the evening. But I keep a few must-haves in my purse for quick touchups on the go: a cover-up (for under-nose redness), luminizer (I put it on the apples of my cheeks), natural deodorant, and MAC lipstick in 'Diva' (one of the few non natural makeup items I still use!) that looks great no matter what I'm wearing (I either lightly blot it on, or swipe it on depending on the look I'm going for!). I also keep a few workout wipes in my purse for the weekend when I'm going straight from yoga to coffee with friends, and eyedrops as well (I love these). Honestly though, more often than not I have every intention of 'touching up' my makeup throughout the day, but then completely forget and wonder why I'm the only one at dinner looking like I went through the ringer...

The Makeup Items We All Have in Our Purses for Touch-Ups_Hannah

I try to not bring too much with me on a daily basis, choosing the things I keep in my purse carefully because I hate lugging around a bunch of things I don’t need. That being said, all that goes out the window when it comes to lip products. I usually have anywhere between 6 to 10 different lip colors/balms/glosses in different colors in my bag at all times. For when I want a more natural nude look, I have Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in ‘Boy’ (a super hydrating, sheer nude for my skin tone), Bite Beauty’s Lip Liner in ‘020’ (my perfect my-lips-but-better color), and the Fenty Beauty Glossbomb. For when I want a wash of color, I carry NARS’ Lipstick in ‘Afghan Red’ (a super pretty red-toned berry), or Glossier’s Generation G in ‘Zip’ (a poppy red) and ‘Jam’ (a dark berry). I also have two moisturizing balms, Glossier’s Balm Dotcom in ‘Mint’ and Bite Beauty’s Agave Lip Mask in ‘Maple’.

The Makeup Items We All Have in Our Purses for Touch-Ups_Kelly

I carry a very small purse, so I have to choose my “to go” products wisely. Lip products are my #1 choice to carry with me on the go because I feel like applying a lip color makes all the difference in how “put together” I appear, since I tend to go for a more natural makeup look (even when I’m going "out"). The one product you can find in my purse 95% of the time is not cherry, but strawberry Chapstick—I thought it was cherry flavored for years until realizing that the red one is actually strawberry, while the cherry is pink, which I think makes no sense (Starburst, anyone?!). If I’m trying to look nice-ish, I’ll make sure to throw in my favorite lipstick (Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in 'Verbena') that I can apply without a mirror—it’s my ultimate “your lips but so much better” color, and it’s very moisturizing like a chapstick. The other lip color that lives in my purse is Glossier Generation G in 'Leo' or 'Like' (I switch it up between these two). It’s slightly matte and feels like absolutely nothing when it’s on, and I can also easily apply it without a mirror (seeing a theme here???). I used to carry ColourPop Ultra Blotted Lip in 'Zuma' before recently swapping it for Generation G, but at $6, this one has a permanent place in my makeup kit ALWAYS.

The Makeup Items We All Have in Our Purses for Touch-Ups_Caroline

Generally speaking, the products I keep in my purse for touch-ups are the exact same ones I use every morning. I rely heavily on my eyelash curler and a dab of under-eye 'concealer' to brighten and highlight my eyes. Most concealers I have tried are either too light, too dark, too thick, or crease by the end of the day so for a little over a year now, I have been using La Mer's Long Wear Foundation in 'Bisque' to cover-up under-eye dark circles. I pump a q-tip sized amount onto my right ring fingertip, then warm it up by rubbing my two ring fingertips together, and gently press it under my eyes. I also always have my rose gold tweezers with me since you never know what stray eyebrow hairs you'll notice in new lighting. (Sometimes car mirror lighting proves to be the best eyebrow salon!) A recent addition to my on-the-go beauty game is Glossier's Mint Balm Dotcom which feels like a fancy upgrade to my classic Carmex chapstick (which will always be a great go-to). Lastly, this travel-size MoroccanOil is great to have on hand to smooth hair, whether I spent the day at the beach or in the office. 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.