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My 10 Favorite Staples I Always Have in My Bathroom

One of them might be TMI... but you're going to want it.
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I've written extensively about the makeup and hair products I use, my evening skincare routinemanicure essentials, and products I use and reuse, but recently realized that the bathroom staples I use every single day rarely make it into posts. In an effort to correct that, I'm sharing the essentials I always have in my bathroom, from high-quality towels to a TMI product I swear by

1. Muji Cotton Pads: Anything from the Muji store is infinitely chicer than its drugstore equivalent (I'm also a huge fan of their gel pens). I use these pads multiple times a day, for taking off eye makeup, applying toner (my favorite is just $7), and removing nail polish. With eye makeup, you want something soft that doesn't tug on your delicate under-eye skin or pill, and these feel like silk. Their multiple layers are almost reminiscent of a French pastry, and ensure that you don't waste a drop of product. 

P.S., Several of you asked after my evening skincare routine why I use makeup remover after I wash my face. I've found that when I remove my eye makeup, then wash my face, I have to go back over it again. By removing my eye makeup after I wash my face, I'm able to cut down on a step. The only exception to this rule is that I remove red lipstick before washing my face.

2. Pointed-End Q-Tips: I have regular Q-tips too, but I grab these more than I thought I would. I use them for everything from cleaning up a manicure to perfecting a cat eye. They're great to have on hand for fixing little mistakes!

3. High-Quality White Towels: I used to go through so many cheap towels that felt rough on my skin after two washes. When we bought our new place (I still refer to it as our 'new place,' even though we've been there almost six years...), I invested in high-quality white bath towels from Abyss. Although they're a splurge, we haven't had to replace them, and I'm a big believer in spending a little more on the items you use every single day. 

4. Black Washcloths: Around the same time we invested in high-quality white towels, I decided it was time to get a set of black washcloths from the same company. I used to furiously rub at my eyes to make sure there was no lasting makeup before drying my face with a white towel, but black washcloths remove that stress—I no longer have anxiety about staining my bright, crisp towels.

5. A robe (or a few) you really love: I truly believe throwing on a robe is one of life's simplest pleasures, and I wear one after baths and as I get ready each morning. As a result, I have multiple robes for different occasions: Cotton for spring and summer, a pretty lace-trimmed robe when I want to feel a little sexier, and a thick hotel-style robe for winter

6. A pretty way to display your not-so-cute items: It goes without saying that you're going to accumulate items in your bathroom that should be easily accessible—but aren't always pretty. Sweet trays and vintage bowls are a nice way to corral everything on your counter, while adding a stylish spin. I have a vintage lilac-colored ashtray I found in a Parisian flea market and a mirrored tray I found in L.A., but also love this wooden tray and this half-moon catchall.

7. Aesop Post Poo Drops: This is one of the more TMI items I've ever written about, but let's be real—having them helps alleviate the anxiety of sharing a bathroom. This product looks chic, smells incredible, and makes it so that your bathroom literally never smells bad again. 

8. High-Quality Diffuser: We share two of our three bathrooms with a litter box, and my biggest fear when people come over is that they smell our cats before they see them. Adding a high-quality diffuser in the bathroom makes the space smell lovely. The fact that Jess and Leslie recently walked into our bathroom to film a hair tutorial (coming soon!), and remarked on how good it smelled speaks volumes about the effectiveness of this diffuser.

9. Aquis Hair Towel: I have a lot of hair, and it can literally take up to 24 hours to dry completely. This super-absorbent hair towel is the only thing I've found that cuts down significantly on that time. I love that it secures with a little button so that it stays in place and allows you to do other things like whip up dinner, without worrying about it budging. 

10. Makeup Headband: I wash my face and apply products at least twice a day, so it was a priority for me to find a product that keeps my hair out of the way. In the past, I've used an old headband from J.Crew, but lately I've been using these terry cloth spa headbands, which keep my blow-out safe from the sink, and uncreased.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.