The Best Shampoo + Conditioner for Your Hair Type

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I discovered the brand R+Co on a shoot where the stylist used their dry shampoo spray on my hair for texture. It smelled utterly intoxicating and I fell in love with how it made my hair look, so the gorgeous packaging was just a bonus. After exploring their entire catalog of products, I purchased the shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair since I lighten mine regularly. In the past, a few weeks after I've gotten my hair colored I start to see it fading and getting progressively brassier. When I began using the combination of R+Co's Gemstone line for color, I noticed my hair keeping its original color that I left the salon with. So needless to say, it's now my mainstay. Regardless of your hair type, I rounded up some different shampoo + conditioner combinations for every hair type and price point.