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The Beauty Products I Buy Over and Over Again

The lipsticks, coverup, and skincare I'm never without.
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L.A. has a ton of great restaurants, so for G and me to go to the same place twice, that means it's really one of our favorites. The same can be said for my relationship with beauty products. Since I try out so many different things, for me to use something up—and then actually re-buy it, it says a lot. Here are the products that cause a slight panic each time I run out:

Lancome Eye Makeup Remover. There are a lot of good eye make up removers out there, but this is the one that gets off even the most stubborn of mascaras (I'm looking at you, Heroine Make). Bonus: It's also the thing I reach for to remove brightly colored, long-lasting lipstick!

Heroine Make Mascara or Kevyn Aucoin Mascara.
These are the two mascaras I've replenished once I reached the end of my tube since nothing else compares. I love the Japanese Heroine Make for its inky black color (nothing compares in the US) and serious staying power. But for those times when I want perfectly separated, coquettishly long lashes, Kevyn Aucoin is the one I reach for. 

RMS Living Luminizer.
My collection of highlighting products—whether in powder, gel, or balm form—is extensive. But the RMS Living Luminizer (which also happens to be natural) is the only one I've bought multiple times. The pot format makes it easy to take with me and I love that I can just dab my finger inside and strategically get a little glow wherever I please. 

Flashed by Essie. This is the signature nail polish shade that I've worn on my fingernails for several years. It's a playfully bright orange-ish red that's universally flattering and glides on so seamlessly, it makes even the most amateur of polishers feel like professional manicurists.

Caudalie Instant Detox Mask. This is the mask I use when I want the benefits of a facial without having to leave my house. I usually apply it before getting in the bath and by the time I get out a few minutes later and wash it off, my skin is tighter, lifted, and looks refreshingly hydrated.

Tan Towels. While these don't exactly have the health precautions I look for in self tanners these days (hoping they'll drop the parabens that are currently found in the product soon?), I haven't found anything that gives me as believable of a tan. I typically only use them when I'm going to be in a bathing suit and a few swipes on my legs delivers a golden glow, without the stains all over my clothing and/or bed sheets.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.
I've used this tinted moisturizer on and off for years and there's good reason. Just the smallest amount delivers the ideal amount of coverage—it lets your natural skin show through, but hides any imperfections. 

SuperGoop Sunscreen. Most sunscreens feel like an afterthought. They're there for utilitarian purposes only and lack the details that set other facial products apart. SuperGoop is different—everything from the cute packaging to the way it offers sun protection with luminescent results is what I'd always been missing. 

Carnal Flower. This was the first scent that consistently had people asking me what I was wearing. It smells like pure gardenias and depending on how much you wear, gradually builds from a light floral scent to one that's intoxicatingly romantic.


P.S., Here were my favorite beauty products in 2016—many of which are the same now! 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.