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The $17 Non-Makeup Item That Will Make Your Skin Look Instantly Better

Less is more.

As much as I love our master bathroom, it gets surprisingly little light in the morning for having two windows, a design flaw that seriously impacts my morning makeup routine. Over the years, I'm come up with creative solutions to combat the lack of natural light that include sitting on the floor of Sloan's room, which does get direct sunlight, and just "dealing with it," neither of which are ideal.

When my mom visited over Memorial Day Weekend, I surprised her by placing a simple magnifying mirror in the guest bathroom, similar to what she uses at home in order to make her stay just a bit more comfortable. While I expected the mirror to "live" there full-time, I borrowed it on a whim after she'd left and was amazed at the difference it made. The $17 mirror comes with a light and suction cup, so you can place it on any glass or mirror surface. I stuck mine to the glass French doors in our bedroom one morning, so that I'd be able to do my makeup in full natural light. The difference was dramatic.

With more light, I used less makeup, putting on only the amount of product I needed, and no more. Everything from my eyeliner to blush looked more natural, and I received countless compliments both in person and on Instagram on my skin. Admittedly, the light on the mirror has turned on by itself more than once in my bedroom, which gave me some Golden State Killer flashlight vibes... but it's still the best $17 you can spend on your makeup routine. 


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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.