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The 15 Products I'm Adding to My Cart During Violet Grey's Black Friday Sale

Byredo, Caudalie, and Augustinus Bader products all made the list...
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I basically wait all year to stock up on fancy beauty products and take advantage of all the best sales, including Violet Grey's. It's stocked with the most sought-after, cult-classic products (and a great way to try out brands you've been curious about, at discounted prices). Here's a glimpse of what's currently in my bag.

Violet Grey

1. Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream with TFC8 Face Moisturizer: The holy grail of moisturizers. It manages to be both an incredibly emollient cream while also giving a dewy finish that makes you look as though you've just left a facial. There's a reason why this cream has the reputation of being the very best out there.

2. Aquis Rapid Dry Hair Turban: I've used these hair turbans exclusively for the past...decade? For someone with thick hair that takes hours to dry naturally, this not only speeds up the process, but helps cut down on frizz. 

3. Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (in shade 3.5): I had a bottle of this foundation years ago that I remember using up and being seriously bummed. It's considered one of the very best for a reason and makes your skin look like it's been professionally done - even, dewy, and luminous, as the name suggests.

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4. Charlotte Tilbury Brow Cheat (in Medium Brown): I love all Charlotte Tilbury products, so I'm excited to try out her brow pencil that has an ultra-precise, angled tip.

5. Victoria Beckham Beauty Satin Kajal Liner (in Cocoa): I went through a heavy kohl liner phase in high school and have been gravitating towards a similar look again this fall.

6. Leonor Greyl Nourishing and Protective Styling Cream: At every high-end hair salon in L.A. I've visited, this is the trusted styling cream. It smoothes hair for the sleekest, silkiest blow outs and also adds cool texture once it's been styled. 

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7. Vita Liberta Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse: I've been a devotee to Vita Liberata's gradual tanning lotion for a while, and this mousse, that promises a tan for 2-3 weeks (!!!) has my full attention. If it's anything like its sister product, it will deliver even color that looks like you've spent time in the sun and not in a spray tan booth.

8. SISLEY-PARIS Black Rose Cream Mask: I once received a sample of this mask in a gift bag and adored everything about it - the rose scent, how quickly it worked (in as little as 10 minutes) and just how effective it was at making me look youthful and well-rested. Since this products rarely goes on sale, I'm taking advantageous and investing in the full size.

9. ZITSTICKA Hyperfade: The Zitsticka pimple patches actually work if applied to blemishes that are just about to take shape, so I have a good feeling Hyperfade, meant to lighten the appearance of dark spots post-breakout.

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10. Caudalie Beauty Elixir: I go through these elixirs at an alarming rate, but that's only because they're so universal. I use them for everything from refreshing make-up, to dampening beauty blenders and as the very first product that hits my skin after getting washed, it's gives skin a subtle brightening kick.

11. Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick (in Lit): I'm a recent convert to Westman Atelier products after I discovered (and fell for) her Blush Stick in Poppet last month. If it delivers even a similar sort of sheer luminosity, I'm convinced it'll be my new go-to.

12. Byredo Rinse Free Hand Wash: I'm not usually one to splurge on really expensive hand wash, but Byredo so rarely goes on sale, so I'm swiping this one. It smells incredible (I'm partial to the Suede and Rose), and the lingering scent makes it so special.

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13. Susanne Kaufmann Mountain Pine Bath Oil: Another new bathroom purchase: the most indulgent bath oil in a scent that sounds reminiscent of a winter wonderland.

14. Nécessaire The Body Wash: I don't need to remind you how much I love all things Necessaire, but The Body Wash is a sophisticated addition to any shower (I love Sandalwood and Eucalyptus) or an ideal holiday gift. 

15. Slip 6-Pack of Skinny Scrunchies: Ideal to add to purses, the center console of my car, and pockets of fleeces I wear on morning walks.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.