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Subtle Holiday Shimmer

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Hands-down, my favorite part of holiday style is the influx – and mass acceptability – of sequins and glitter. Just about everyone is partial to shimmer around this time of year, so I wanted to experiment with a subtle, wearable version of the popular holiday look that can be done in a matter of minutes.


Step 1: First, cover your entire eyelid in a taupe or bronze base (Key Largo) that has a metallic sheen.

Step 2: Use your finger and generously dab loose gold shimmer dust on top of the base. Make sure to find a powder that doesn't have big pieces of glitter. 

Step 3: Line the eye with another shimmer-packed pencil. I chose a pigmented bronze liner (Ambre Dore).

Step 4: In the inner corner of your eyes, smudge gold highlighter


Step 5: For a flushed glow pat a rose pink tint or a stain on the apples of the cheek.

Step 6: To keep the cheeks looking dewy, finish with a highlighter or illuminator above the cheekbones.


Step 7: Start with a matte, nude lipstick all over your lips.

Step 8: Follow up with a poppy, bright pink (Flamingo) and blend with your finger. You'll end up with a muted, powdery tone. 


Step 9: I used a jeweled pin (similar here) to finish the look. Pin it into place at temple-height.

Step 10: Finish off with a low, asymmetrical chignon. Your bun should sit on one side of the nape of your neck (and opposite the pin for balance). 


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.