Sparkled Apricot Nails


Ever since I got engaged last year, I've been wearing glittery polish on my ring finger (you can see variations here, here, here, and here). It's a fun way to add a bit of sparkle, without looking like a disco ball, and I love that there are endless color combinations to try. A few weeks back, I posted pictures of my black and gold Calgel manicure (here) and received countless questions about how it was done. Though that was a professional manicure, I've been experimenting with some similar designs and thought I'd share some of my tips on how to do it yourself.




{Paint two coats of polish, with the exception of your ring finger}


{Apply clear polish to ring finger and sprinkle with loose glitter}

 {Shake off excess by tapping the tip of your finger on a hard surface}

{Shake off excess by tapping the tip of your finger on a hard surface}


{Try out different designs with the pen, like two colored halves}


{...or a pink-colored moon}

 {...or little stripes on your pinky}

{...or little stripes on your pinky}


{Final result}

P.S. Since your non-dominant hand can be tricky to maneuver (practice does certainly help!), stick to easier designs, like polka dots, simple lines, and zig-zags until you become a bit more ambidextrous.