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Scent of a Woman


{My three favorite perfumes: Annick Goutal's "Petite Cherie," Serge Lutens' "Fleurs D'Oranger" and Jo Malone's "Honeysuckle and Jasmine"}

Scent plays an integral role in our lives, which is why I surround myself with lovely smelling things in my home. I tend to rotate between several perfumes, but always find myself drawn to ones that are light and floral. It's such a subtle way to make a statement and I love that people associate me with a certain scent (like gardenias and jasmine). Here are a few of the other products that I love.

How do you add fragrance to you life and which are your favorites?


{My mom turned me onto Johnson's Bedtime Bath and I love using it at night}


{Alora's "Isola" fragrance makes our entire apartment smell fresh and floral}


{I got this Pikake Jasmine lotion during our trip to Maui last year and put it on when I want to be reminded of our tropical vacation}


{I love burning fragrant candles and Further's is clean and simple}

Products in this post may contain affiliate links