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Ponytail, Three Ways

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One of my favorite ways to wear my hair is up in a ponytail. A lot of that probably stems from childhood, when I was constantly running around the soccer field or playing basketball, so my hair had to be out of my face. And even though I'm not as athletically active as I once was, I still love the simplicity of a ponytail. For my last tutorial in collaboration with Dove, here's my take on a ponytail, three ways.


Low ponytail. I love the look of a low ponytail since it can look really chic when done right. I like to give mine a bit of volume at the crown as well as covering the tips of my ears just slightly and wear this out at night.


Step 1. Part hair down the middle.Step 2. Pull back, making sure to cover the tips of the ears. Step 3. Secure hair at the nape of the neck.Step 4. Add volume at the crown by scrunching/pulling hair up with fingers.


Mid ponytail. During the day, this is usually the look I go for. It's slicked back without being too perfect and the loose tendrils add a touch of softness. 


Step 1. Part hair to the side.Step 2. Rake back hair with fingers creating a slightly messy ponytail. Step 3. Secure hair in the middle of the head.Step 4. Pull out small sections of hair that surround the face.


High ponytail. Even though I typically associate really high ponytails with cheerleaders, when they're slicked back, very tight, with a piece of hair wrapped around the elastic, it's instantly a dramatic updo.


Step 1. Comb back hair so that there are no bumps.Step 2. Secure hair on top of the head. Step 3. Using two pumps of Dove Nourishing Treatment Oil, run hands over hair to smooth out completely.Step 4. Taking a small section of hair from the ponytail, wrap it around the elastic and hold in place with a bobby pin under the ponytail.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.