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Our Entire Office Tested Bold Eyeliners (Here Are the Looks We'd Actually Wear Again)

How a pop of color changed up our routine.

A few weeks ago, we posted a poll on @shopcupcakesandcashmere asking whether we should ditch our more typical natural looks in favor of some colorful eye makeup. The short answer? Yes, please! From glittery shadows to neon eyeliners, you all had a lot of opinions and advice, and while it turns out we're all willing to try Met Gala worthy beauty, we wanted to create looks that we would each actually wear on a day to day basis. After grabbing bright colors, from aqua to olive in both drugstore and elevated options, we created looks for day and night. Leslie opted for a shimmery gold (already way outside her comfort zone, since she rarely-to-never wears eye shadow) and Kelly went big with an out-of-the-norm blue, while a crazy colored eye felt like a standard Saturday night for Katie. Read on to see all of the looks we created and whether or not we'd create them again: 

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I've always been known to experiment with my makeup looks. Whether it's a smoky glitter or navy blue, I like to try new products whenever I can. Since becoming a mom, though, my day-to-day makeup has definitely become more routine. I don't often wear eyeliner and generally stick to a manageable amount of products. So when I saw this Shiseido eyeliner (in shade 'Sumi Sky'), I couldn't not give it a try for this bold makeup challenge.

How did others react to it? My eyeliner was definitely the brightest in the group so it probably garnered the most attention. The bright blue makes my eyes pop and starts a conversation, for better or worse. Between the comments in office and my DMs, I quickly became convinced of the power of a pop of color.

Would you wear it again? Of course! After trying this look, I was surprised at how low lift it was. Swiping an eyeliner added almost no time to my typical routine and made my look feel incredibly fresh. I definitely will be purchasing a few more colors too—the formula is crisp, fresh, and packs an impact. 

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When I was recently flipping through a magazine, I saw the coolest photo spread featuring some more daring eye looks. I stopped instantly when I came across an actress in mostly natural face makeup except her bold under-eye liner. The look was so unexpected, I had to recreate it. After a barely-there tight-lining of my top lash, I applied the product in the middle of my lower lid and finished the look with mascara

How did others react to it? People definitely noticed. (How could you not, with such an unexpected placement?) While some people in the office were totally on board, others felt this look was a little too daring, even for date night.

Would you wear it again? I think I would! I'm eager to try it in a purple or green since I wear those colors on my eyes more often. 

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I do my makeup pretty much the exact same way, everyday, even for events. If I'm feeling crazy, I'll add a swipe of MAC eyeshadow I still have from high school (pause for *but you should throw away your eyeshadow after a few months*!) I know, I know. It's probably mobbed with bacteria, but it's survived so many KonMari clean-outs I have a soft spot for the little guy, and use this beauty cleaner to dust off the cobwebs. I never found a natural option I was compelled to buy until Juice Beauty, one of my favorite natural beauty brands, released their brand-new jelly eyeshadow. I grabbed it in 'Mimosa - copper' and gave it a whirl!

How did others react to it? No one really noticed it! That being said, I played it safe. Even though it felt nuts when I was wearing it, I can see looking at the photos why no one batted an eye. It's veeerrry subtle. 

Would you wear it again? As much as I love the brand and product, I'm not a fan of this look. Paired with my natural makeup it verges a little pink eye-y for my taste and made my already small, dark eyes appear even smaller... that being said, I loved it as a full shadow (see below). 

Artboard 2 copy 15

While I'd initially assumed I'd be more comfortable with a thin liner, I found this look to be way more within my comfort zone and even easier to apply. I simply smeared a swipe of it on my lid (the lipgloss-like brush makes it incredibly easy to apply), and used my finger to blend it in. In this case, at least, more is more. 

How did others react to it? After work, I met a friend for dinner and she commented, "You look really pretty!" She couldn't immediately tell it was from the eyeshadow, which to me is exactly what makeup should do—make you feel and look prettier without screaming, "I'm wearing makeup!!"

Would you wear it again? Absolutely! Though initially intended to be an evening look, it added just enough of a sheen to punch my daily look my look a bit. I'd also add on a swipe before heading to evening dinner plans.  

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I generally don't wear eyeliner during a work day, so I knew any additional makeup beyond mascara may make me look a little overdone. My eyes are green so I picked a color that would make them pop but also feel fresh and edgy and opted for a quick, thin swipe of Anastasia's Vert Eyeliner (similar here) on my upper eyelid.

How did others react to it? They didn't really notice! I think the color wasn't drastic enough to grab anyone's attention.

Would you wear it again? I would because it's subtle, but I still prefer to stick to no eyeliner on weekdays. Taking off the additional makeup was the worst part of the whole experience!

Artboard 2

I added a thick layer of the green eyeliner to my top lid and also lined the rims of my inner eyes. I smudged it a bit beneath my bottom lashes for a smokier feel.

How did others react to it? Everyone's reaction was centered on the amount of makeup I was wearing, not the color. Which I took as a good thing, and Kelly even told me it made the green in my eyes stand out.

Would you wear it again? No question. It was more subtle and understated than black, which I prefer since I have light eyes. Already planning on incorporating it into one of the upcoming weddings I'm attending!

Artboard 2 copy 16

I stopped wearing eyeliner during the day maybe a year ago, so it was fun to get some color involved for a random workday. I picked a Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in 'Azure' that can really be an eyeshadow or eyeliner, depending on how you put it on, because Jess insisted that it would look good with my eyes.

How did others react to it? It wasn't that noticeable to others, but I could definitely see it!

Would you wear it again? Yeah why not? It was surprisingly subtle. I probably wouldn't bother wearing it to work, but maybe on the weekend. Live a little, you know?

Artboard 2 copy 17

The sapphire blue just wasn't "enough" for an evening look, so I upped the ante and did the sapphire blue on my top lids again, and added some bright blue NYX eyeliner (also in 'Azure') to the bottom. I attempted a slight cat eye, which is not at all my forte, and I'm pretty sure I botched it. As I was applying it, I named the look: "Midwestern girl attempts blue eyeliner and fails miserably."

How did others react to it? There were some laughs, and then a few people said they actually liked it. There was also a comment that I didn't "look like myself", which is totally fair.

Would you wear it again? After getting over the initial shock, I couldn't decide if it looked cool or just crazy. I wish I was more adventurous with crazy colors, so yes, consider this my new lewk when I'm feeling a little sassy.

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Artboard 2 copy 18

My normal daytime makeup look is pretty minimal. I exclusively wear Glossier and always try to go for that yes, I woke up this dewy vibe. Colored eyeliner is not something I shy away from, but certainly is never a part of my day look. For this look, I grabbed the Glossier Play Colorslide in 'Deep Indigo' and tight-lined my lid. To finish, I added some Lash Slick, Boy Brow, and Cloud Paint in puff. 

How did others react to it? People definitely noticed I was wearing eyeliner (since I normally never wear it to work) and thought the deep blue made my eyes pop. 

Would you wear it again? Absolutely! I love how this made my eyes look and the deep blue pigment is versatile for a lot of hair and skin shades. I definitely recommend! 

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When I go out, I always try to have fun eyes and a glossy lip. If my day look is minimal, my typical nighttime eye is the opposite, complete with glitter and a cat eye. I threw on my go-to Colourpop shadow in 'Ritz' and heavily lined the top and bottom of my lids with my colorslide. To finish the whole look, I added some Tarte Shape Tape (under the eyes), Nars The Multiple in 'Orgasm,' Glossier Boy Brow, and Lash Slick

How did others react to it? I created this look in the office at the end of the workday, so people saw the transformation from daytime to night before their eyes. They all agreed it was a moment, though not everyone was down to try it themselves. 

Would you wear it again? Definitely! My only critique is that my look was thrown together mid-day, instead of having the proper time to prime, put on foundation, and set my face. If this was my look for going out, I'd probably spend a bit more time putting the whole look together.

If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.