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My Wedding Inspired Updo

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When we were engaged and I was planning my look for our wedding day, I went back and forth on my hair - whether to wear it up, down, wavy or straight. One day I asked G if he had an opinion either way and somewhat surprisingly, he didn't miss a beat. He liked it up. So I went with a romantic updo that was pretty and unassuming, but not overly complicated. In collaboration with Dove, I recreated my wedding day look with a few simple steps.


Step 1: Gather hair at the crown and secure with a clip.


Step 2: Take the two front sections of hair and loosely pin to the back of the head with bobby pins. Don't worry about them looking sloppy since they'll be covered eventually.


Step 3: Create 2-3 twists with small sections of hair from one side and pin under the other pins in the back (make sure to leave a small section of hair out on either side right in front of ears). Repeat on the other side. 


Step 4: Take down the crown section of hair and spritz lightly with the Dove Root Lift Spray. Then gently tease it up with a comb to create good height and a little volume.


Step 5: Pin the teased section of hair and pull all hair (except for sections left out in step 3) into a bun.


Step 6: Finally take the sections left out in step 3 and pull back loosely, covering the tops of ears, and pin below bun. 


End result


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.