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My Random Fix-It Beauty Tools

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Anytime I walk through a makeup department, I feel like there are dozens of new products out there to fix everything from wrinkles and cellulite to uneven skin. They seem to get more complicated by the day and leave me feeling overwhelmed and confused. In the interest of paring down my beauty cabinet, I avoid gimmicky products and rely instead on a few simple tools. Here are three of my favorites that help me fix wayward eyeliner, shadows smudges, and messy polish.

1. Pointy Q-Tips. These may seem like the more dangerous cousin of the quintessential cotton swab, but I swear by their precision. If I'm applying liquid liner, I'll use these dipped in eye makeup remover to achieve a super sharp cat-eye instead of relying on a steady hand or busting out the scotch tape. I also use them when I'm applying a bright lipstick and go outside of the lines.

2. Nail Polish Remover Pen. I'm convinced I was a manicurist in a past life because most of the time, I do a pretty comparable job to the results I get at the salon. But I'll still mess up occasionally and instead of pulling out my bottle of nail polish remover and cotton pads, this pen does the job in one fell swoop. The slanted tip is soaked in remover, so it makes it really easy to clean up even the most hard-to-reach mistakes and helps me get a professional-looking manicure at home.

3. Clean Blending Brush. I always keep a clean blending brush on hand to wipe away excess eyeshadow. Using a tissue can take off too much makeup at once and can also be really irritating for the delicate skin around my eyes. With a clean blending brush, I have much more control so that I can take a little bit of excess eyeshadow off at a time. Another great use for the brush is for when mascara gets on my under eye. I use the blending brush to smudge the mascara into the lash line for a smoky effect. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.