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My New Hair

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Over the last few months, I'd been feeling a bit uninspired by my hair. I'd had the same highlights for the better part of my adult life and wanted a change. I didn't want to mess with the length at the end of my pregnancy, since throwing it up in a topknot was so easy, but as soon as Sloan arrived, I knew I wanted to try something new. Below I've include the inspiration behind my current look, what I asked for, and how it's changed the rest of my routine. 


The ombré color trend from a couple of years ago was a bit too dramatic for me, but this new take, with darker hair and a few strategically lighter sections, around the tips and face, felt like the perfect balance. I was nervous to return to my naturally dark roots because I hadn't been a brunette since a bad experience with black hair dye in high school. Luckily this one came out a lot less goth and requires very little upkeep.


I also decided to chop my hair again into a blunt, a-line bob with soft layers. It hits just above my collar bone and takes way less time to style, which is ideal for my new schedule.


The thing that keeps it from feeling too drastic are the highlights around my face. They let me walk the line of maintaining my old color while embracing a much darker shade. 


As much as I love the convenience of my shorter cut, the new color does require me to wear a bit more make-up, so I don't look washed out. I've been adding a touch more bronzer to my cheeks and forehead, a light pink lip and some smudged-in brown eyeliner. It makes everything pop and keeps me from looking corpse-like.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.