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My 2-Minute "No Makeup" Makeup Routine

How I got my mornings back by shortening my routine.

I have no patience for a makeup routine. It's not that I don't have time for it—from waking up to leaving my house for work, I have about two and a half glorious hours, and there are just so many ways I'd rather spend them. Morning is the only time I have fully to myself (I'm also keenly aware that this will look different when I have a kid) so I treat it as sacred. At 6 AM, I go downstairs to make my coffee, then head into our guest room to either read or write until about twenty minutes before I have to leave, at which point I make and eat breakfast, get dressed, and throw on makeup before walking to work. The last thing I want is for a 30-minute hair or makeup routine to cut into that time—so I've adapted. 

In high school, I could easily spend an hour on my makeup (and often did). But these days, I spend about two minutes on my makeup and five seconds on my hair... Sure, I could look better if I bothered to apply eyeshadow, a lip, or even a second coat of mascara, and I admire women who do, but I've embraced a "natural" look in the interest of spending more time doing what I want. Here's what my morning skincare and makeup routine looks like nearly every day: 

1 copy 43

Though I don't wash my face every morning—if my skin is feeling dry or irritated, I skip it—I usually do! Lately, I've loved Dr. Loretta's Gentle Face Wash, which I make sure to rub into my face for at least thirty seconds before rinsing to make sure it really gets into my pores and cleanses.

1 copy 42

Next, I press one of my recent favorite products, MAELOVE's Love 31 face oil in, rubbing any extra from my hand upwards on my neck. It literally makes my skin glow. I use this every night and day! 

1 copy 41

To give my face oil a chance to be absorbed, I apply NeuBrow, which has completely changed the game for me. I'll be doing a full post soon on every step I've taken for fuller brows (dying, microblading, feathering), but this product works. I apply it most mornings and nights. 

1 copy 40

Sunscreen is a can't-skip product for me, but I had a hard time finding one that doesn't make me break out until coming across Dr. Loretta's Urban Antioxidant Sunscreen, which has the slightest pearlescent tint to it. 

1 copy 41

ILIA is still my very favorite mascara, since long before our head-to-head competitions—and it happens to be natural! It literally smells like beeswax, makes my lashes look so full and long with just one coat, never sheds, and is easy to remove at the end of the day. 

1 copy 39

My brows are easily the most high-maintenance part of my routine. They are divas, and require not one, but three products, but if I apply any of them, it's this brow gel which shapes them while adding more color and volume. I also add a little clear brow gel to keep them in place—I use literally the least expensive product I could find at Target, which is this $2 gel from e.l.f. but it pretty much shellacs them in place (when I ran out of the brow side, I started using the mascara side, and I'm not convinced they're different formulas—if they are, they work just as well!). 

1 copy 38

This was one of the first natural beauty products I ever purchased, and I still love it! It's simply a great, all-around cover-up. I use my finger to apply it to any blemishes.

1 copy 37

Just a touch of RMS illuminator to the apples of my cheeks makes such a difference. You can barely see it in the photo above, but I get compliments on it all the time, since its subtle enough that you only notice it when it catches the light. (I prefer 'Champagne Rose' but ran out, so I've been making my way through my second favorite, 'Master Mixer')

1 copy 36

I carry Olio e Osso No.3 with me everywhere, since it adds the prettiest barely-there touch of color. 

1 copy 35

Jess and Emily have been on a mission lately to convince me that my hair looks better when I don't brush it, which baffles me but also completely works in my favor since it's so much less effort. I'll be posting polls to my Story on @lesliesteph later today to get to the bottom of it!  

That's it! The entire thing takes about two minutes for a truly hassle-free routine! 

*Products I use every day. If I'm in a rush, I'll skip the others, but the result is almost the same! 

It may *look* like I'm not wearing any makeup in the first pic, but the difference is dramatic ;)

It may *look* like I'm not wearing any makeup in the first pic, but the difference is dramatic ;)

If you buy something through our links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.