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Monthly Beauty Buys

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In the fall, I tend to focus on two things: taking extra good care of my skin (since it always gets so dry this time of year) and experimenting with new make-up after a low-key summer regimen. Here are my current discoveries, from a mask that makes my skin glow after just ten minutes, a navy nail polish for my hands and a white eyeliner that makes my eyes pop.


This REN face mask sloughs off dead skin cells with almost no effort on my part. I put a silver-dollar amount onto my skin, let it sit for a few minutes, wipe it off with a washcloth and then splash water on my face. It smells citrusy and fresh and it makes my skin feel tingly while it's on and glowy as soon as it's off.


I'm retiring some of my bright pinks and corals and replacing them with moodier hues. I love this navy shade from Essie called Style Cartel that has no sheen and is really opaque, even after just one coat. I plan on wearing it as a nice change from the vampy colors I usually gravitate towards in the cooler months.


I love the dramatic effect of lining the inside of my eyes with a dark pencil, but since that look can be a bit too harsh for daytime, I've tried a white liner to switch things up. Not only did it make my eyes look more awake (a necessity after night of mediocre sleep), but I was also impressed with how bright they looked, without the obvious addition of a dark liner. It's a subtle change that makes a big impact.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.