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Monthly Beauty Buys

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In August, I wanted to look sun-kissed (without really spending much time outside) and natural with little effort. These three products are new discoveries that have quickly made their way into my permanent beauty arsenal.


Armani Liquid Bronzer Over the past month, I've read countless reviews praising this liquid bronzer. Since I love the look of dewy skin (especially during warmer months when you're sort of forced to embrace it), I've always struggled with the idea of putting powdered bronzer. I was a little worried this would be too intense or that I'd end up streaky, but using a tiny amount (I'll probably still be using the same bottle next summer) gives me the nicest glow. Sometimes I mix it into my tinted moisturizer, but most frequently I add it as the finishing touch, brushing it across my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and along my forehead. 


Pssssst Dry Shampoo If I'm able to extend a blowout for an extra day or two without having to resort to a messy topknot, I'm game. I've been using dry shampoo for a while now, but this brand works best for me. I used to just spray, tousle my hair slightly and go, but now I have a bit more of a routine. I'll lift up 2-3" sections, spray from about 6" away and do that all around my hairline (where my hair tends to get greasiest). Then I'll blow dry it out, raking my fingers from roots to ends for about a minute until the dry shampoo is well distributed and my hair is full of volume. 


Kat von D Blush in Bellisima Last week at brunch my friend showed up looking seriously luminescent and though I'm convinced it's due to her new relationship, she swears it's also due to her new make-up regimen, which includes this blush. But she doesn't just sweep it across her cheeks the way I usually do. First, she adds a dollop of illuminating cream onto the back of her hand (this one specifically, which I also have and love) then adds a bit of blush. She blends it together and then applies it to the apples of her cheeks (this blush brush is my favorite) giving her a lit-from-within glow that looks totally natural. Needless to say, immediately after we finished our meal, I bought the same color for myself.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.