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Monthly Beauty Buys

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For the second installment of my monthly beauty buys (you can check out my April picks here), I rounded up three of the products I've been loving as of late. Here's a glimpse at what's in my current beauty rotation:


Maybelline Colored Mascara I don't typically wear eyeshadow, even though I love what it does for the color of my eyes. But since I don't always want to have a severe smoky eye at breakfast, I wanted to find a subtle alternative. Enter: colored mascara. I was nervous at first to embrace a trend I experimented with back in high school, but since the rest of my look is much more subdued now (RIP, butterfly clips), I gave it a try. I got "Purple Velvet" and it manages to make my eyes appear greener without looking like I'm wearing purple mascara. 


Sanitas Vita-Rich Serum My skin is perpetually thirsty, so I'm a sucker for any kind of body/hair/face serum. This one's formulated with no fragrance or harsh chemicals and it gives my skin a dewy finish without looking like it's greasy. I put it on in the morning and at night before my SPF/moisturizer and it's made a big difference in the overall hydration/appearance of my skin in just a few weeks.


Essie "Spin the Bottle" I've been wearing nude nail polish on either my hands or feet consistently for the past few months. It's a nice change of pace from the vampy colors I gravitate towards in the winter, but finding the right shade can be tricky. Essie's "Spin the Bottle" is a slightly darker nude than what I've worn in the past (Essie's "Topless and Barefoot"), and since it doesn't veer towards creamy/chalky, it looks more sophisticated and is the ideal complement to a more casual summer wardrobe of cut-offs and sandals.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.