Monthly Beauty Buys

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On the nights when I don’t have the energy to remove my makeup, I keep these wipes by my bed. They clean off the most stubborn waterproof mascara and pigmented lipsticks in a few swipes, with no sticky residue left behind. They're made for sensitive skin and whether or not I get it together to apply lotion after, my face still looks fresh and hydrated in the morning.

Most of the blushes I own are in powder form and while they’re all easy to throw onto my cheeks, they don’t match the rest of my look (I lean towards dewy and glow-y skin). I'd been on the hunt for a cream blush in a fun color, and found it in this pretty flamingo shade. Despite it looking overly bright in the packaging, it actually ends up looking like a natural flush on the cheeks. 

I own plenty of cheap-y lipsticks and find they're great when it comes to poppy colors. But if I'm going to wear a pinkish nude shade (which can go chalky so easily), I always prefer a higher quality formula. The Laura Mercier crème lipstick glides on easily and the color is the prettiest pale peach that stays put for hours.