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Monthly Beauty Buys

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Now that summer's right around the corner, I've been wanting to update my beauty routine with a few simple tweaks to reflect the warmer weather. That came in the form of a hair texturizing spray that makes it look like I spent the day getting in and out of the ocean, an oversized kabuki brush for blending in bronzing powder and a bright coral lip that begs to be worn on hot days. Here are the three beauty products I'm loving right now.


YSL Lipstick in Peach Passion. A few months back, I saw a girl wearing the most perfect peachy pink lipstick that made her entire face light up. I asked her the name, but apparently she'd borrowed it from a friend and had no idea of the color or brand. So naturally I'd been looking for it ever since and during one of my many Google image searches, I came across this shade. The color itself is gorgeous, but I love that it glides on so smoothly and isn't too matte. There's no sheen or shimmer (my biggest pet peeves in a lip product), but does have the faintest glossy look that feels so current.


Kabuki Brush. Ever since I started adding more bronzer to my face, I've been also looking for a new way to blend it all together. Most of my brushes are on the smaller side, which only lets me concentrate on one area at a time. This brush helps me achieve a much more even and natural look and is so plush that it's now the favorite part of my routine.


Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. I like my hair best about two days after it's been washed. When it's too clean, it's just kind of puffy and lifeless whereas after after a couple of days, it has more movement and texture. This spray not only lets my freshly washed hair look slightly bed head-y, but it also smells incredible. It also doubles as a great dry shampoo, so that means I use it nearly everyday.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.