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Monthly Beauty Buys

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I assume my beauty routine these next few months will be a lot more minimal than it had been. And while there will undoubtedly be days when I don't put on a stitch of make-up, I want to make an effort to maintain some sort of regimen, post-baby. These are three of the products that I'm loving right now, from an eyeliner that deposits a seriously dark gel, to the ideal reddish-orange lipstick, and a nighttime lotion that has saved my dry skin. 


Philosophy Hope In A Jar - Until recently, I'd been using more facial oils than lotions, even at night. I felt like I saw immediate results, and my skin would look dewy instead of parched. But after a few hours, that initial glow would dissipate and I'd find myself in need of something more hydrating. I started using this nighttime lotion a couple of weeks back and have already noticed a big shift in how my skin looks when I wake up in the morning. It goes on heavy (a little goes a long way), but soaks in quickly so I don't feel like I'm getting it all over my pillow. 


Troi Ollivierre Lipstick in George - There aren't many things about the J.Crew brand that I don't love, from the clothing and styling, to the beauty looks on their models. They're so effortless with their fresh faces, tousled hair and lip colors, I always want to know exactly what they're wearing. Two of my friends (who couldn't be more different in their coloring) both bought this lipstick and it's one of those shades that looks good on everyone. Now, instead of borrowing their lipsticks, I finally got my own, which I've been wearing anytime I want to brighten up an otherwise bare face.


Benefit They're Real Push-Up Liner - If I'm going to be doing any sort of eyeliner, it's usually either a kohl pencil, for a dramatic look, or a liquid, for a sleek cat-eye. This gel pen is kind of the best of both worlds because you get the precision from the slanted tip, but it deposits just enough gel to add a really saturated line to your eye that lasts all day.

P.S. This is the nail polish I'm wearing.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.