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Mastering the Blow Out

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I've always admired the work Dove has done with their

"Real" Beauty campaign

and when they approached me to create a series of hair styling and inspiration tutorials, I felt it was a great opportunity to partner with a brand whose message was about celebrating the beauty in every woman. For the first installment in my partnership with Dove, I'm sharing my tips on how to master a professional blow out at home.


Tools: Hair dryer (this one cut my drying time in half), Dove Leave In Foam, Fine-tooth comb, Round brush, Hairspray.


Step 1: Apply foam and rake throughout hair.


Step 2: Rough dry hair until it's about 80% dry, making sure that the hair dryer nozzle is pointed down to eliminate frizz. Part hair for the way it will be styled eventually.


Step 3: Take a small section from each side of the parted hair, wrap it around the barrel brush (away from  the face) until it's very taut.


Step 4: Pull hair forward, maintaining a good amount of tension on the brush. At the same time, blow heat on the underneath portion of the hair, concentrating at the roots and then all the way to the tips. While you brush hair down, keep it wrapped around the brush, twisting it away from your face as you go. Go over the same section multiple times (for me, it's usually about twelve, but I have an abnormally crazy amount of hair) until it's shiny and completely dry, even the slightest dampness will ruin the blowout.


Step 5: Once hair has cooled, divide the two blown-out sections back to their sides and leave alone. Gather wet hair at the crown and secure with a clip, working with the bottom portion first. 


Step 6: Separate small sections (about 3-4") and use the same technique as the front, wrapping hair tightly around the barrel and blowing the hot air on the underneath portion. Repeat until each section is dry, working from the front to the back.


Step 7: With the very back of the hair, pull sections around to the side and hit with air.


Step 8: Then gradually take out hair from the pinned section and blow until straight.


Step 9: With the very last portion, bring it forward to the front and blow air on the underneath part. Repeat until it's completely dry and then bring back towards the back of the head (this method gives it just a bit of height).


Step 10: Lightly spritz hair spray over front sections to tame flyaways and maintain the swingy shape. 


End result.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.