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Lipstick Tricks for Novices

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I wear lipstick on an almost daily basis, but only started using it a few years ago. I found the entire process intimidating - from picking the right color (these are my favorite five), applying it without looking like a clown, to having it stay put for more than 10 minutes. I've since developed a bit of a routine and while the steps are very simple, hopefully other lipstick novices will find it helpful.


Step 1: The most important step is to prep your lips. There are three ways I'll exfoliate - with a toothbrush, a sugar scrub, or using a wash cloth dipped in warm water and massaging in small circles. Also, I recently tested out this powered lip buffer and it's amazing.

Step 2: Apply an emollient lip balm. This is the first thing I apply when getting ready, so that I can leave it on while I do the rest of my make-up and get dressed. The longer it stays on, the softer my lips become.


Step 3: Gently remove lip balm. Skipping this step will result in lipstick that doesn't adhere well.

Step 4: Apply foundation to lips. This acts as a primer and creates a neutral canvas. Make sure to smile when putting it on to fill in the cracks so the lipstick will apply evenly.


Step 5: Blot foundation.

Step 6:. Line lips with a pencil in a shade that closely resembles your natural lip color.


Step 7: Apply lipstick in a criss-cross pattern at the cupid's bow, the outer corners and the bottom of the lip. 

Step 8: Working from the initial starting points, use a "connect-the-dots" method to fill in the rest of the lips.


Step 9: Blot lips and apply one final layer of lipstick.

Step 10: Using a small brush, apply concealer around any areas that need to be cleaned up.


Lipstick used: Burberry 'Military Red'

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.