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Kelly and Katie Are Obsessed with Glossier (Here Are the Products That Are Actually Worth It)

Plus the products worth skipping.
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If you've read our team beauty posts, one thing is crystal clear—both Katie and Kelly are die-hard Glossier fans. For Katie, this means trying out *literally* every product the first week it's released and immediately incorporating it into her glittery, dewy routine. Meanwhile, Kelly is all about a staple. She wants her Glossier products to be consistent, quick to apply, and impactful. After testing the entire line, Katie and Kelly are sharing the items they swear by and the items they think you can skip:


Skin type: Normal to dry, rarely any breakouts
Makeup style: Simple and dewy during the day (think mascara, highlight, blush), but glittery and bold at night

I'm slightly embarrassed to say that I've tried the entire Glossier line, but since there's a location in L.A., it was impossible for me not to! This list was incredibly difficult to narrow down to 5 products, but these are the favorites that I use daily. 

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1. Milky Jelly Cleanser: Oh. My. God. This cleanser came into my life in 2017, and it is the only cleanser I've used since. Typically, I'm not loyal to my products and am willing to try pretty much anything, but Milky Jelly is the exception. This cleanser is the perfect combination of texture, smell, and effectiveness. I typically wash my face in the shower every night, and one solid scrub does the job. 

2. Glitter Gelee: I don't mean to brag, but I did the glitter eye waaaayyy before Euphoria came around (just kidding). When in doubt, my favorite way to dress up an all-black outfit is to add a touch of sparkle. And by touch, I mean a full lid of bold glitter (here's how). I personally love Bijoux Bijoux and Firewalk, but they're all so good and pigmented that you really can't go wrong. 

3. FutureDew: Naturally when this product was released, I instantly went to the Glossier location to try it out. I fell in love with how the product looked on (a nice shiny glass coating all over your face) and how it made my skin feel. I've been using it daily for two weeks, and my skin has never looked so healthy and hydrated. 

4. Cloud Paint: Maybe it's because I spent years sneaking into my mom's makeup bag to try on her very plum blush, but I am absolutely obsessed with having a flushed face. I reach for pinks and peaches to add to my youthful glow, so the Glossier Cloud Paint is a key addition to my makeup collection. I mix puff and beam for the perfect bright complexion. 

5. Stretch Concealer: I'm not someone who breaks out regularly, so I avoid concealers with heavy coverage (though I have a Tarte Shape Tape for those exact emergencies). Instead, I like to use my Stretch Concealer as a light foundation for daily wear. In the morning, I apply a small amount underneath my eyes, on the corners of the nose, and on my chin. I find it evens my complexion and covers up any redness, all while making it look like I'm bare-faced.  

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1. Haloscope: If you haven't gathered this yet, I love a glow, but the Glossier highlighter just does not give me what I'm looking for. It's streaky and difficult to blend. Overall, I way prefer to use Milk Makeup's Highlighter or Sephora's Illuminate Palette for a pressed powder highlight.

2. Lidstar: Again, sparkly eyeshadow is my kryptonite. My entire makeup drawer is full of colorful shades, but this collection just didn't do it for me. The pigment dried way too quickly to spread, and the applicator felt cheap at best. I prefer Colourpop's Super Shock Shadows (only $6!!!) and Charlotte Tilbury's Eyes to Mesmerize for a creamy, glittery lid that won't dry or crack. 

3. Nightshine: The Glossier Play line was such an exciting addition to their brand, but the highlighter fell flat for me. It's really pigmented which is awesome but is better served as a liquid eyeshadow than a highlighter. I've kept my Nightshine in Platinum Rose but only use it on my lids now. Instead, for an incredibly impactful highlight, I go for Too Faced's Diamond Fire Highlighter

4. Priming Moisturizer: When I first fell in love with Glossier, I used this moisturizer religiously. As I've learned more about different products though, this one has gone unused for months. It isn't super hydrating and has an unpleasant stale smell after a bit. Instead, I use Avène's Extremely Rich Compensating Cream at night and the Wander Beauty Hidden Glow Cream in the morning to prime my face. 


Skin type: Combination, sensitive, and acne-prone (which is why I don't trust or use Glossier skincare products)
Makeup style: "No-makeup makeup" during the day, with a bold lip or a metallic eyeshadow thrown in there to shake things up a little.

I think I love Glossier so much because the prices are so nicely in-between drugstore finds and higher-end brands you'll find at Sephora. When I try something new, I rarely like to spend a lot (unless it's foundation, because hi acne!). Glossier usually hits juuuust underneath the price point I'm willing to shell out my cash money for. (And come on, the packaging is just A+.)

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1. Generation G: My very first Glossier product!!! I have about four of these (with the bad original packaging) lying around my house in various states of falling apart. Even though the packaging used to be unbearably bad, I've loved the product from day one. It's the perfect diffused/matte look without being too drying. I can apply any color without a mirror (IMPORTANT) and I love each one I've tried (cake, jam, leo, like). It's similar-ish to my other favorite, Colourpop Ultra Blotted Lip, but I much prefer the chapstick-like application of Generation G.

2. Boy Brow: Katie and I are both incredibly passionate about Boy Brow. My sister, who has almost Cara Delevinge-esque eyebrows swears by Benefit Gimme Brow Eyebrow Gel, but I couldn't get past how much I dislike the packaging. I barely leave the house without Boy Brow, and I've written about it before so I'll spare you from giving too many details. Bottom line: WE LOVE IT.

3. Brow Flick: I didn't know I was missing Brow Flick in my life until very recently. Glossier offers a discount if you buy Brow Flick and Boy Brow together, so obviously they got me last time I needed a refill on Boy Brow. My arch/tail needs a little help, and Brow Flick doesn't look harsh like a pencil can. It's basically Brow Pencil For Dummies; the perfect product for me. It takes two seconds to apply and always looks super natural.

4. Lash Slick: This one is actually kind of a funny story. Months ago we did a mascara competition, and all-natural Ilia Limitless Lash Mascara was crowned the winner. It was so good that Katie and Jess both stopped using Lash Slick and switched to Ilia. I got on that train for a while, but ultimately decided it was too clumpy for me, although I do love and miss the honey smell. I started using Lash Slick (honestly just because I already had it), and fell in love. It perfectly separates, lengthens, and covers in two coats. It's NEVER clumpy on me, and I can do my bottom lashes, which was next to impossible using Ilia. Lash Slick may not have won our competition, but it ultimately won my heart.

5. Stretch Concealer: Yes, I like this product so much I had to double up on it from Katie's list. When my favorite Bobby Brown concealer was discontinued this year, I was a little crushed. Katie suggested I try stretch concealer, and DUH, she was right. It's heavy enough to cover blemishes (although I'm a Katie copycat and use Shape Tape when I have a really bad zit, thanks again Katie!), but light enough to use for the stubborn redness on my nose. Also, this stuff doesn't make me break out, which is sometimes hard to find. I'm a fan!!

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1. Balm Dotcom: This is a totally fine, not bad, truly "whatevs" product. I bought this in-store and decided the Rose flavor was the best (the Birthday flavor was NASTY), but I honestly prefer the Rosebud Salve tin I used in high school, which is also cheaper. I'm very into berry right now though, so I may try the new Berry Balm Dotcom and then reconsider my opinion.

2. Perfecting Skin Tint: I have this, I use this. I will say that I find myself using it less and less after the reformulation. It really just doesn't do much, and my skin is so much better than it used to be (two years ago I wouldn't leave the house without makeup on, so this was my "wear to the grocery store" foundation). If I'm going to wear something on my face nowadays, it needs to correct redness, hide acne scars, or dull my shine. This product does none of those things. I definitely prefer my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation applied with a very light hand or mixed with a tiny bit of lotion. I did most of my face the other day and Jess told me I was "glowing", so I guess it's working?

3. Lip Gloss: Eh. It's not sticky, exactly, but my hair gets caught in this every time I wear it. I like the idea of lip gloss in theory so much more than in practice. Honestly, the only lip gloss I've ever tried and been like "YEP!" is Bobbi Brown's. (Side note: You would think that GLOSSier would have a killer lip gloss, no?) If you're a lipgloss fanatic, you'll probably like this one, but I'd say to pass if you're only a casual fan.


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.