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I Was Influenced to Buy This Round Hair Blow Dryer—Here's How I Use It

A video tutorial for 10-minute, photo-ready hair.

My hair gets greasy if I even look at it the wrong way. Add to that the fact that I exercise every evening (and get sweaty) and have to look my best for work every day (I've been pulled to "model" last-minute for the Shop more than once)—and I'm usually washing and styling it every single day. 

I don't have the patience to fully style my hair, knowing that I'll have to wash it hours later, so I've compromised with three 10-minute styles. But far and away, the one I get the most compliments on (and questions about) is when I blow it out with this hot brush! I first found the brush from Caroline's post on Cup of Jo, but instead of the small flip Caroline leaves in her hair, I give mine a tiny bit of a loose, bouncy curl to lend my fine hair a bit more volume. Watch the IGTV above to see how I do it!

Before starting with the round brush (with towel-dried, damp hair), I brushed my hair out with my Mason Pearson Brush (helps cut down on frizz), added a few spritzes of Kristen Ess Blow Dry Mist, and wrapped it in an Aquis Hair Towel (which is available $20 here, compared to $30 everywhere else) for a few minutes as I went about my morning routine, until I was ready to style it! 


Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.