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I Tried 3 Internet Hacks for Applying the Perfect Winged Eyeliner—Here's My Favorite

Plus your top-recommended eyeliners.
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I've always loved the look of a flick of black liquid eyeliner. But unlike the rest of my makeup routine, which is rather established both in its products and techniques, winged eyeliner was never something I'd quite mastered. On the rare occasion I managed a perfect application on one eye, the other would look like a deranged equivalent, shaky and uneven. A few weeks ago, I decided to rectify this and asked you all on Instagram for your all-time favorite eyeliner hacks and products. I received literally hundreds of suggestions, and ultimately tested three, which I saved to my highlight hereIn the end, my favorite technique was an amalgamation of tip I learned from Haley Ivers and from my friend and makeup artist Jenn Streicher

Haley's advice is to start towards the middle of the lash line and, instead of going all the way to the end and then "flicking out," you flick out the liner a little earlier and use the angle on the inner rim of your eye as the guide. From there, go over the extension to make it as heavy as you'd like. (I also find that opening and closing my eye to gauge how I'm doing along the way is helpful!)

I've found it useful to combine Haley's tip for matching the angle of the inner rim with my friend Jenn Streicher's advice for getting symmetrical flicks: Look at your eye when it's open and once you have mascara on, then use your outer lash as a guide for where to begin the line, and extend it out there. She also starts with the flick so that you can ensure both sides are symmetrical before finishing lining your eyes. You can see what I mean in my highlight here!

At the very end, I use the liner to draw small dots inside of the actual lash line, to make my lashes look longer and darker. 

In terms of eyeliner, I prefer one that glides nicely, with a felt tip that ends in a very fine point. Stila's All-Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner fit that bill perfectly. Here are a few of the eyeliners you recommended, in order from most-recommended (you clearly love Stila too!):

  1. Stila All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner (best application, $22)
  2. Fenty Longwear Liquid Eyeliner (lasts all day, $22)
  3. ILIA Gel Eyeliner (clean beauty option, $26)
  4. Lancome Artliner with Precision Felt Tip (richly pigmented, $31)
  5. Maybelline Precise Liquid Eyeliner (best deal, $9)
  6. Tom Ford Eye-Defining Pen (luxe option, $59)
  7. Sephora Fine Line Felt Tip Eyeliner (classic standby, $14)
  8. Eye Do Liquid Easy Stroke Eyeliner (cult favorite, $22)

P.S. Here are Jess's tips for finding the best liquid eyeliner to work for you, that time our team tested bold eyeliners, and my favorite liner for making your eyes look bigger and brighter.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.