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I Found the Cure for Monday Mornings (And It Isn't Coffee)

And how I head out the door with minimal effort...
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About a year ago, I was running late while trying to get Sloan out the door to school. I made sure she looked pristine, but I practically ran out of the house without brushing my teeth and subsequently threw on an old sweatshirts, jeans, and slides. But once I got into the car and checked my reflection in the rearview mirror, I decided to add a bright lip. It felt like a pretty drastic departure from the rest of my look, but it added enough color to make me look considerably less tired than I felt. And when we arrived at school, the reaction was surprising: at least four other moms mentioned how put together and great I looked. The whole bare face, bold lip look has been something I've been doing for years (my first tutorial went up back in 2014), but only until recently did I see a pattern had started to form.

On Mondays, I almost always wear a bright lip. And yes, that sounds a lot like the part in 'Mean Girls' where the girls all wear pink on Wednesdays, but I've got to say—having a beauty uniform is surprisingly fun, not to mention practical. Weekends used to be time to luxuriate around the house—binge-watching tv shows in face masks—but now they're nowhere near as relaxing, resulting in more chaotic vibes once the week begins again. As such, I'm always looking for the quickest way to appear put together and glamorous with very little effort and nothing is better than a jolt of color. It's such a simple thing, but now that I've recognized the little boost of confidence it gives me, I find myself repeating the look, week after week (see here, here, here, here, here... you get the picture). 

I'm now considering other ways I can make fewer decisions each day by instilling a formula of sorts: nape of the neck bun one day, a smoky eye to round out the week, etc. Hair and makeup is such a fun part of my routine, so I never want it to become completely regimented, but there is something appealing about having go-to looks figured out ahead of time. 

I'd love to know—do you have any beauty looks that are pre-planned to help you save time each week?

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.