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How to Make Four-Day-Old Hair Feel Fresh (In Just 10 Minutes)

A step-by-step video tutorial for reviving fallen hair.
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This morning, I started filming a video at 8 am at the office (see some behind-the-scenes on my Instagram Stories today, and stay tuned for the full reveal!), which meant, after dropping off Sloan at school, answering a few emails, and doing my makeup, not to mention squeezing in a few minutes to write this post, I didn't have a ton of time to do my hair - which is less than ideal, considering it's been four days since I last washed it. Thankfully, my hair retains style well and doesn't get too greasy, but it still needed some help this morning. When I woke up, it looked flat and oily - which is actually the perfect texture to style from, since dirty hair holds style better. Here's how I added some volume and brought it back to life, in under 10 minutes:

The style I'm going for could be called "imperfect waves," with a bit of volume and enough product to disguise any grease. After putting up two-thirds of my hair (I love these clips, which hold without crimping), the first thing I do is add some flat iron waves, with this straightener, to get a bit more shape and volume around my face, which I find to be more flattering. 

I don't add waves to every two-inch section—this isn't meant to be a full restyling of hair, just a refresh—but I add them to a few sections per layer (maybe two to four on each side). I start with the sections closest to my face, adding subtle waves, and alternating direction for each so it looks a bit more haphazard and natural than fully polished. It doesn't take long to see the impact of the added dimension. You also want to make sure to stop a few inches from the bottom on each strand, so that the ends don't look flipped-up (I go into a bit more detail here). 

Once I've added waves to the bottom layer, I spray the pieces with Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray scrunching them with my hand to add some natural-looking texture. Not only does the spray smell incredible, but it adds a nice amount of volume, which is what we're going for here. 

Next, I let a third more hair down and repeat the exact same process—add waves, and spritz—until I finally let down the top layer. Needless to say, the top layer is the most important to get right, so I spend a bit more time on it to make sure it looks perfectly imperfect, mirroring effortless air-dried hair (if my air-dried air always fell how I want it to). 

You can watch the full video here!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.