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How To: False Eyelashes

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I'm a huge fan of false eyelashes for special occasions. They add just a bit of drama and I always find myself exuding a different (perhaps coquettish?) kind of energy when I have them on. The main problem is that applying them properly is quite tricky. To make matters worse, I used to get one eye to look good, only to mess up the next one so severely that the individual lashes would cascade down my cheek. I now follow a few simple steps to ensure that both eyes have flirty, fluttery lashes that stay put all night. Here are my steps for applying just a few individual lashes:


1. Pick an adhesive in a dark tone (I like this one). Apply a small dollop onto a tissue and wait 30 seconds until it gets slightly tacky (this will ensure your lashes will stay put, and not slide off).


2. Use tweezers to hold your individual lashes, and dip them into the adhesive so the base is completely coated.


3. Start on the outer corner of your eye and apply lashes (


are my favorites), and make sure they're lined up and secure. Check them out from all angles (look down, look from the side, etc.) to make sure they mesh with the rest of your lashes.


4. Continue to add lashes along the outside of the eye (I tend to add about two to three to each eye).


5. Add mascara so that your natural lashes and false ones all blend together.


6. Add a thin line of liquid liner so that the overall look is uniform.


End result.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.