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How To Do a Metallic Smokey Eye for Date Night (And Every Day)

The glittery eye that will make you look like a pro.
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I don't know if it's the change in seasons or my recent series of busy weekends, but I've been experimenting a lot more with my makeup lately, changing things up for every event and dinner date. Before a recent girls' night, I posted a photo of my final makeup look and my DMs were flooded about the metallic eye I put together. The secret is: It only took me five minutes, and is perfect for any outing. Here's how I achieved it:

To start, I push my hair back with my favorite headband to ensure no hair gets in the way of my mascara or liner. I did my face makeup earlier that day, but, in general, I try to keep it simple with just foundation, concealer, and some eyebrow pencil in order to have the focus be on my eyes. I grab my Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler and gently curl my lashes, hitting each side with a few squeezes. I used to do this step far later in the process but found, when it comes to glitter, it's harder to curl without the risk of getting residue everywhere.  

Normally I apply most of my makeup with my finger, but for this look, I prefer to use my Hourglass brush since it's fat and round. I dip it into my Tarte Eyeshadow in 'Martini' and then into the cap to evenly distribute the glitter over the bristles. This prevents you from having a full blast of pigment on one area of your eyelid. As with any eyeshadow, it's best to build up the product. I start by going over my lid with the brush and then make deeper circles in the crease of my eye to blend and brighten. After this step alone, my makeup is already making an impact. 

Next, I grab my Estee Lauder eyeliner brush to build out the smokey effect. I put a small amount on the bottom corner of my lashes to make it look messy and sultry, all while emphasizing my eyes.

"Build your own" is definitely the name of the game in this tutorial. Anything else you add will make your look more impactful, but you can truly stop wherever you're comfortable. I next go in with my ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara and coat my top and bottom lashes using this trick my friend Cristina taught me.

For the final step, I grab my new favorite eyeliner: this two-sided liner from Tarte. Using the pencil side (the other is liquid liner), I tight-line my eyes to make them truly pop at night. You can even add in some smudging with this pencil, focusing on the outer corners to make it less precise. 

To finish off the look, I lined my lips with a Laura Mercier pencil in 'Hazelnut Tea' and topped it with an Origins Lipstick in 'Nectarlicious.' My neutral lip balances out my bold eye, and I'm all set for a night out! 


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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.