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Your Tips for Disguising Greasy Hair When Dry Shampoo Alone Doesn't Cut It

From scrunchies to salt spray and silk pillowcases.

You know those people who can take a workout class in the morning, then change directly into work clothes, and go about their day looking flawless? That's not me. I'm a profusely sweaty person and exercise most mornings (I'm a fan of Orange Theory and Classpass), which means I often have to wash my hair and blow it out every single morning to achieve the look I want. The entire process adds about thirty minutes to my routine each day—so I finally took to Instagram to ask for your tips for extending a blowout, even post-workout. You answered in droves, with so many fantastic tips I couldn't keep them all to myself. I included a few of my favorites below, plus the dry shampoos you swear by (in order from most-mentioned to least, left to right)

Wait until the absolute last second to put your hair up before the workout and take it down as soon as you're done so any sweat that starts to dry does so the right way. A topknot or braid is good for avoiding creases. Then, blow-dry the sweat out. Put dry shampoo on at the roots and leave it in while you shower. Brush it out and style. -@meghanfisch

Using dry shampoo before the workout helps to absorb the sweat better.- @alikboombaye

I use dry shampoo and blow dry the front part of my hair or anywhere its greasy- @halesharm (Note: More than ten of you suggested using dry shampoo together with blow-drying!)

It helps if you train your hair to get used to not being washed everyday. It takes 2 to 4 weeks- @kellbizzle 

When I shower, I put my hair in a top knot and only get the roots wet- @jessiraum

My hairdresser told me her client uses eyeshadow because it doesn't flake off like dry shampoo. - @wuthang 

Braid your hair, sweat, blow it out while the hair is still in braids. Then throw some dry shampoo in, and you're good to go- @maggzerts

Spray a salt spray onto your scalp and then blow dry. The salt absorbs all the oil! - @jess3rey

Take your hair down quickly, blow dry the sweat, and use dry shampoo! Silk pillowcases help too. - @meganshulman

Use your hair dryer on a cool setting then apply a dry shampoo or dry texture spray- @kelleymichaelarcana

Rinse your hair, air dry if possible, then dry shampoo. Taking collagen helps too. - @leighagoetz

Baby powder is the best dry shampoo! Cheap, smells good, gets rid of oils. - @eetrodson

Wearing a hat [while working out] helps me from getting as sweaty. - @ri_callahan

JVN says sweaty hair is not the same as dirty hair; It just needs a quick blow dry and dry shampoo - @hannah_n

Put your hair in a scrunchie—it absorbs more of the sweat- @ajulsy

Later this week, I'll be putting your tips to the test on @shopcupcakesandcashmere, with some professional input on keeping your locks fresh—stay tuned! 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.