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How I’ve Changed My Approach to My Eyebrows

And why my routine is constantly changing.
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If any part of my beauty routine has changed the most dramatically over the years, it's my eyebrows. In my teens and twenties, I over-plucked them, and even as recently as a year ago, I was still doing damage control to compensate for past brow mistakes by growing them out as much as possible. In retrospect, I was over-pencilling them in and as much as I wanted to look like Cara Delevingne, it was never going to happen. In the past several months, thanks to a lot of trial and error, and research, I feel like I've finally found my groove. These days, I take a much more light-handed approach when it comes to pencilling, and use strategies and products that cater to my best brow shape. 

Since I've covered brows so many times on the blog (here, here, and here), I created a video and had Leslie come up with a questionnaire to address where I'm at with my brows now. Please let me know if you have any brow questions in the comments—I'll be answering them all day!

Have you ever had your eyebrows done professionally or do you do them yourself? Why? About a year ago, I began seeing a professional (for the first time!) to help me grow in my brows and shift their shape a bit. I stopped plucking them entirely in the hopes that the sparse areas would fill in, but all that really happened was a second eye brow grew in and hovered just above my eyelashes. I had a big shoot coming up and I knew that I couldn't look like a complete werewolf, so I ended up just plucking them and have been handling all maintenance since. 

How do you approach growing-out your eyebrows now? At this point, I pluck them once a week and am very careful about not taking away too many. Unfortunately most of the hairs that pop up are nowhere near where I'd like them, so the ones that fall right in the middle of both brows or on my eyelids are gone right away.

Do you use any products or serums to help them grow out? Any other tricks? I had been using a serum that was only available in Europe (I bought it while in Paris last summer) to help with regrowth. I actually do feel like it helped, though not in the right place. All of the hairs popped up about an inch lower than where they should have been. Perhaps if I were to attempt to try that again, I'd apply it above my actual eyebrows so that the new hair would show up in the right place. Other than that, I've just been brushing the corners up in the front, which opens your eyes and make it look like you have thicker brows.

What products and technique do you use to fill in your brows? Because I didn't do a great job with the shape of my eyebrows when I over-tweezed them when I was young, I not only like to fill them in now, but also correct the exaggerated arch. So I almost follow an invisible straight line from the front of my eyebrows to the arch and then fill them in using a light touch. I don't mess with the top too much, but now make sure to also fill in the ends of my eyebrows. I use more feathery strokes there so that it looks natural and not too heavy.

Have you tried any eyebrow trends such as microblading? Would you? I haven't, but am very interested. Currently the technique is still not perfect (I've heard a lot of people say that it looks good initially and then the ink ends up bleeding so that they appear fake/tattooed), so I'm waiting until the technology is better before I try it out. But I'm down for any kind of beauty shortcut that makes it so I don't have to pencil in my brows each day—it's the longest part of my routine and the one that's most susceptible to messing up. When I apply my tinted moisturizer or mascara, they always look the same. I have good days when I've done my brows and then days when I feel like I look like Charlie Chaplin.

What are your thoughts on matching your brows to your hair color? Even when I was a young kid and had naturally blond hair, my brows were always much darker. While I didn't like the look in the '90s (which is part of the reason I tried to make my eyebrows as thin as possible), now I think that kind of contrast is really pretty. Especially since I'm not overly perfect about my hair and prefer to have some roots showing, I think it looks the most natural to have your eyebrows not be too matchy-matchy.

Have you ever dyed your brows? Would you? When I was getting them plucked by a professional, she was dying them, but just a little. My eyebrows are naturally very dark already, so going any darker would probably look way too severe. But for my friends that have much fairer hair than me, it's made an enormous difference and looks amazing on them. It's just easier for me to pencil them in each morning. 

Do you have any tips for eyebrow care? Be patient and kind to yourself. It's probably the thing I'm most upset I did to myself in my youth, though now am trying to embrace it and just work with what I have. 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.