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How I Style Air-Dried Hair

Emily finally found a way to make her wavy hair work.
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Over the years, I've shared the many ways I've styled my hair, including everything from how to achieve messy waves to how to freshen dirty hair. As much as I love my hyper-stylized looks, it's just not always feasible to do them in the morning—not to mention it's terrible for my hair's health. Recently, I discovered a way to allow my hair to dry naturally that keeps it from becoming frizzy and inconsistently wavy (my actual hair type). With less than five minutes of work involved, this has quickly become my favorite way to do my hair during the week. Here's exactly how I do it: 


I know it's hard for some people to believe, but I can easily go seven days without washing my hair thanks to dry shampoo and my curler. When it's time to wash it, though, it is really time to wash it, so I make sure to start my shower with two efficient shampooings using Oribe Gold Lust Shampoo. Next, I condition with Oribe's conditioner and slowly brush out my hair with a wide-tooth comb. Then when I'm done with my shower, I put my hair up in a hair towel to speed up the drying process while I complete my nighttime skincare routine. Be careful not to leave it up in the towel for too long, otherwise your hair can dry weirdly. 


Taking my hair down, I want to make sure it's wet but not sopping. I lightly touch down the middle to part my hair in its natural part and separate out each side. I try to use my fingertips to guide it in the right direction without touching it too much. After this, I won't touch it again. The more I touch it, the frizzier it gets. I then head to bed which actually calms it down and keeps it from getting poufy. 


When I wake up, my hair is relatively nice looking, with the exception of a few frizzy and slightly wavy pieces. You kind of need to embrace inconsistency with air-dried style. Next, I start adding a couple of curls with my DryBar styling wand (normally around 10 to 12) strategically around my head. Have your curls go in opposite directions in order to make it look even more natural.


For the last step of the process, I use my GHD straightener to flatten out any flippy ends of my hair. Pulling downwards, the hair is elongated and looks neater, finalizing my look, which you can see in my IGTV above! 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.