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How I Do My "Night Out" Makeup

A quick, glittery look that will refresh your regular routine.
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One of my favorite parts of having nighttime plans is actually getting ready for them. Ever since I can remember, I've enjoyed the ritual of preparing for a night out. Whether it was drinking wine and curling hair with my friends in college or creating a whole new look before a date night, the process is as fun as it is challenging. As much as I love to experiment with new beauty trends and styles, I've nailed down a 15-minute routine perfect for transforming my look and taking me from day to night:


Before going out, I typically like to shower off the day, even if it's a Saturday. After following my usual hair routine, I make sure to really clean my face with my holy grail, desert island product—the Glossier Milky Jelly. If I was wearing heavy mascara that day, I double cleanse. 


Once I'm ready to start my makeup (after putting on my top for going out and clipping my hair back), I prime my face by placing a thin layer of Wander Beauty's Hidden Glow Cream all over. I particularly focus on areas where my skin may be dryer, in order to ensure my foundation goes on evenly. Following this, I take a pea-sized amount of Glossier's new product, FutureDew, and dab it over my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, and above my lips. I let this sit for a few minutes while I think about what I want to wear. 


Once I feel like my face has sufficiently absorbed the products, I begin my makeup. Depending on the season or event, I gravitate towards my Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in ochre or my Too Faced Born This Way Foundation in almond. Since I wanted a more impactful look, I decided to go with my foundation for full coverage. I place small dollops of the product on my cheeks, forehead, and nose, then dampen my Beauty Blender with a rosewater toner before going in. Gently patting down the product, I want to spread the coverage without making it look cakey. This foundation is seriously insane at hiding any imperfections while still maintaining your natural beauty (freckles, moles, etc.). To brighten up my under eye area, I choose between two very different concealers. For a full coverage job, Tarte Shape Tape is the industry's best. However, I often gravitate towards my Glossier Stretch Concealer in shade G9 for a dewy, bright touch on top of my foundation. 


Once I feel the product has been evenly dispersed, I grab my Tarte Buffer Brush and coat one edge with my Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer in the shade hotel heiress. Sucking in my cheeks slightly, I brush the product upwards into the hollows of my cheeks in order to create a contour. I then take the product up towards the top of my forehead and slightly below my chin. Switching to a smile, I grab my Nars The Multiple in orgasm and create circles on the apples of my cheeks. I love the soft glitter and brightness this product brings to my face. Without fail, I always drag the stick slightly over my nose to add to my "sun-kissed" glow.  


Once I feel like my face is at a solid base, I switch over to my eyebrows. My eyebrow strategy is ever-evolving, but Glossier is pretty much my go-to. Taking the Brow Flick in brown, I start to create little lines in areas of my brow where it isn't as full. Once I feel those areas are tended to, I take my Boy Brow (shade brown) and brush out the brows, making sure the front of my brow sticks up and the ends neatly trail downwards. 


For my eyes, I've never invested in an actual eyelid primer. Instead, I take the smallest amount of Tarte Shape Tape (in shade light natural) and dab it onto my eyelid. I've found that this concealer keeps my shadow from creasing and intensifies the product's pigment x1000. For any nighttime look, I love a smoky, metallic moment. Taking my fluffy brush, I dip the end into my Tarte Chrome Shadow Pot in the shade caramel apple. Rubbing the brush into the cap to evenly disperse the shadow, I bring the product to my lid and start filling it out with color. I layer until I feel the product is impactful without being too over the top. Next, I go into my Viseart Theory II Minx palette to add the finishing touches. Using a smaller brush, I grab the red-brown color to add dimension around the glittery eye. I make half-moon arches from corner to corner to enhance and blend. Then, taking my Sephora Highlighter in stardust (similar here), I highlight the inner corner of my eyes and beneath my brow arch to really make my eyes pop. 

Taking my Laura Mercier Caviar Stick in plum, I tight line my upper lid. Depending on how dramatic I want my eyes, I will use my Sephora Felt Eyeliner to create a small cat-eye effect on the wings of my eyes. I then grab my curler and hold the curl for 10 seconds on each eye. My eyes are finally ready for the last touch — mascara. I use a Lancome Primer for more dramatic looks, in order to lengthen and thicken my lashes. I then use my ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara to do the main coat of my eyes and finish with Tarte's Lights Camera Lashes to lengthen and grab the little lashes on my bottom lid. If there is any mascara fall out, I go in with a q-tip and then fix the shadow accordingly. 


Looking at my face, the look is pretty much complete. To add some final moments of shine, I grab my Milk Makeup Highlighter Stick in lit and make strokes down my cheekbones, nose, and lips. I then add a Kopari clear gloss and set it all together with my Tarte setting spray

Written out, the steps seem like they would take a long time, but it truly is a 15-minute routine that's impactful and lasts all night long!

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.