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Hair Adornments

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I've been really happy with my shorter hair, even though I thought I'd miss the ability to throw it up in a topknot with more regularity. As much as I enjoy wearing it down, I have to accept that there are far fewer styles to play around with. Since I won't be mastering any complicated, Pinterest-worthy updos for the time being, I invested in a few accessories to dress up some basic styles. Here are the three items I'm loving right now.


My Picks:

Flower Hair Band

Cuff Pony Tail Holder

Stacked Hair Pins


Hairspiration via Pinterest


Wearing two hair clips side-by-side is very Margot-Tenenbaum-inspired. It helps hold back some of the loose flyaways and also looks chic when worn in a color that matches the shade of my hair.


This floral hair band is romantic without being overly saccharine. I love that you really can't see it from the front, but it adds something special to the back of your hair.


I wear my hair in a low ponytail whenever I'm with Sloan, but I like the idea of it looking a bit sleeker. This cuff is a more stylish version of the typical elastics I keep strewn around the house.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.