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Glowing Skin Tips

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When I first started wearing make-up, around junior year in high school, my main goal was to have clear, even skin. I was adamant about eliminating shine and kept small, oil-blotting sheets in my bag at all times. It's funny how things have changed, since I now think matte skin looks flat and without vibrancy. My favorite look lately is a slightly bronzed, dewy face and a golden eye. Here are my steps for how I do it: 


All-Over Coverage  After liberally applying face oil to my face and neck (serious hydration is key for making your skin look well moisturized), I mix an illuminating cream with my foundation. This not only lets me use less foundation for a more natural look, but it also gives my entire face a nice, subtle glow.


Bronzer I apply a cream-based bronzer to the hollowed parts of my cheeks, starting at the outer edges of my mouth and extending it up towards the top of my ears. Then I blend it really well.


Blush Starting at the top of my cheekbones, I add a coral-colored cheek stain and blend upwards. Then, using a make-up sponge, I rub the bronzer and blush together so that they look natural.


Eyes For a sultry eye that's still subtle, I use Key Largo - a pale peach base with a shimmery bronze shadow and blend well with my eyeshadow brush. Then, on the inside corners of my eyes, I add a touch of an iridescent white pencil, to make my eyes pop.


Lips I apply a light pink lipstick with a touch of shimmer and then add a dab of clear gloss, in the center of my bottom lip, to make them look fuller.


Finishing touches Lastly, to make sure I have a good amount of dewiness on the rest of my skin, I use an illuminating balm (it lets me control where the shine goes) to my brow, cheek, collar bone, bridge of my nose and my cupid's bow.

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.