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Girls With Awesome Hair: Kristin Ess


In the same way I enjoy peeking into other women's bags (here's what's in mine), I'm also fascinated about the styling products other women swear by. I'm pretty consistent with my make-up but enjoy making small tweaks here and there and try out new products on a regular basis. When it comes to hair products, I'm not as experimental, so I decided to start a new series to seek out girls with awesome hair, who are open to sharing their secrets. I reached out to the amazing Kristin Ess to kick things off. Not only is she the stylist for celebrity clients like Lauren Conrad, Lucy Hale, and Debby Ryan, she's also one half of the duo that makes up one of my favorite sites, The Beauty Department. Here are the tried-and-true products that keeps Kristin's hair in tip-top shape.


1. My favorite thing to keep my hair in great condition is a gloss. In between colors I do a Redken Shades EQ gloss. It can only be done in the salon as they don't sell this to anyone without a license but it keeps my red vibrant and shiny until I get my color done again. Ask your hairstylist or pop into a Redken salon in between colors to keep it fresh. 


2. Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner. Longest title ever? It's magic and it changes everything. I am obsessed with this and have been for many years. Spray it on wet hair right out of the shower – I use about 10 sprays. Comb through (it's a great de-tangler) and blow dry, this absolutely weightless conditioner makes my hair so reflective. 

3. Oribe Royal Blowout. This product actually baffles me. It cuts drying time in half and made my hair softer than it's ever been. It felt like I was touching cashmere or something! I don't know how Oribe keeps reinventing the product wheel. Mind blown. Pun intended.

 4. R + Co Mannequin Paste. I love adding this to hair for texture when I braid. It's water based so not oily and it kind of disappears into the hair once the texture is created. It gives the perfect amount of soft hold if your hair is too clean or to fine to braid. 

5. GHD Classic Styler. I am beyond obsessed with flat iron waves these days. They just look way more natural than hair that's been curled with a curling iron. Truthfully, this is the only one for me. It has the perfect beveled edge for creating those particular waves. Mermaid status!!

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.