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Every French Beauty Product I Bought in Paris (And Where to Find Them Online)

My go-to French pharmacy finds I can't live without.
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Aaaaaand I'm back! After a whirlwind 4 day bachelorette in Paris, I'm home for a few days before traveling again (this time to the East Coast for my bridal shower). Paris was a magical respite from the insanity that my life has been these past few months, and it was truly amazing to spend time with my best friend in the city that really shaped me into the person I am today. We shopped, ate, and shopped some more, and through it all, one thing became incredibly clear: I love nothing more than the French pharmacy (City Pharma, to be exact). There's something about walking the aisles that makes me spend more money than I'm usually willing to. But here's the thing... everything I buy, I swear by, and even better, it's even available in the United States online. Here's everything I bought on this trip that will not only improve your skin, but can be shipped to your front door, too:

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Typically, I buy the Nuxe body oil in the regular formula for overall hydration. When I switched to oil (as opposed to lotion) years ago, I was hesitant that it would make me feel greasy or ruin my clothes, but Nuxe has completely changed my skin's texture and glow. Simply apply it after every shower to your entire body, and, soon enough, you'll have celeb-worthy shiny legs. I picked up this version in a golden, glowy sparkle to use all summer long and really highlight my arms and decolletage on my wedding day. 

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Avène makes some of the best creams for dry winter weather. Their formula is extra creamy and hydrating, making each application feel like a mini-facial. I've always loved the Rich Compensating Cream, but the packaging isn't very travel-friendly. I love how easy this is to carry around for some much-needed hydration during the day (plus, it has built-in SPF).

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I often don't wear foundation, opting instead for a little concealer on the red areas of my face. This BB creme is the perfect in-between option. It's evening and rich, making my skin glowy and tan, while also enhancing my actual skin's texture. The additional SPF is just the added touch it needs to make this one of my daily go-to products. 

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Oh. My. God. Of all the lotions and potions I've taken home from Paris, this is by far my favorite. The hyaluronic serum is like a drink of water for my skin, and I feel truly fantastic when it's on. I've always loved water-based creams, like this Neutrogena one, but this is easily the best on the market since it locks in moisture all day long. 

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After years of trying to hop on board the Balm Dot Com train and failing, I found the perfect combination of lip care that's easy to travel with, lasts a while, and doesn't affect my makeup with tint. This first product from Avène is plumping and hydrating, without any sheen or scent. It feels like my skin, but better. 

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Some people collect coins...I collect toning mists. This Caudalíe mist not only refreshes my face and balances my pores, but I use it as my finishing step to everything- whether it's my nighttime skincare or daily makeup routine. 

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The second part of my lip care routine is this antioxidant shea butter conditioner which I won't go anywhere without. It's your run of the mill lip balm, but the effects are instant. Goodbye, chapped lips!

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I don't mean to sound like the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but I literally put this ointment everywhere and it solves all my problems. Chapped lips? Homeoplasmine. Acne scar? Homeplasmine. Torn cuticles? Homeoplasmine. The list goes on and on. You're welcome! 

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I've gotten a lot better about wearing sunscreen since discovering La Roche Posay's line. I love how easily this glides on without making my face greasy or un-setting my makeup. This stick version is great to have on hand for face touchups throughout the day. Plus, it's SPF 50, so no complaints there! 

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.