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A fun mask for fuller lips in preparation of Valentine's Day.
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When Alina came over to our house from a shoot earlier this month, she was decked out in the most dramatic eyeshadow and party-ready makeup (stay tuned—we'll be sharing that post later this week), but her lips were what caught my attention. They looked noticeably larger, but not in a faux lip-liner sort of way. We immediately started discussing everything the makeup artist had done and she told me she'd used a collagen mask on her lips. When I tried out the mask on myself (luckily, she brought back extras for the team), I'll admit that I didn't see as dramatic of a difference as I saw on Alina. Mine were just barely plumper, but definitely smoother (you can see the difference in fine lines in the photo below). Still, the subtle changes combined with the enjoyment I got out of doing it made it well worth it, and something I'll be incorporating into my routine before special nights out. 

To use it, you just place it on your lips for fifteen to twenty minutes, then remove it and apply whatever lipstick you'd normally use. I can see these masks making a great activity at a bachelorette party or the cutest Valentine's Day present for a girlfriend (they come in an adorable pink pouch so you wouldn't even need to wrap it, with five masks). The phrase, "kissable lips" has never been so applicable.

Shop the Item Here: KNC Collagen-Infused Lip Mask
Price: $24.99 for 5

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