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Eye Wonders


For me, the process of getting dressed up to go out is typically as much fun as the event itself. Any combination that involves cocktails, good music and lots of beauty products proves to be a good time. I wouldn't necessarily consider myself gifted in the art of makeup application, but I've certainly mastered the

smokey eye

. There's no real method that I follow, just lots of layering of shadow upon shadow. It's the whole eye makeup removal process that I detest. Since it's always been such a point of contention for me, I've paid top dollar in the past for the best products recommended, but was never fully impressed. That's what made my discovery of

Andrea Eye Q's Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads

all the more fulfilling since they're available at Walgreens and cost less than $5. Though there have been times when I've fallen asleep without brushing my teeth, I never forget to swipe just one of these miraculous pads across each eye before calling it a night.

Products in this post may contain affiliate links