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This Simple Product May Be the Solution to Expensive Perfumes

I never knew I needed a 'hair perfume.'

A few months ago, I finally finished the bottle of my go-to perfume and decided to use it as an opportunity to find *my* perfume. The bottle was a gift from Emily, who gave it to me after (correctly) guessing I would love the Elizabeth and James 'Nirvana Bourbon' scent. My first instinct was to immediately rebuy it, which I did after finding it online for sale (it's available for $35 on Groupon now!), but I still wanted to find an everyday perfume that I'd chosen for myself. Over the past few months, I've visited and revisited the L.A.-based perfume store, Scent Bar, describing the jasmine scent I want, with a woodsy twist. Every time I found something I loved though, it came with a price tag to match, ranging from $150 to $300. At this point in my life, I can't justify spending $200 on smelling like a flower (as desperately as I'd like to!), so I took a different approach. Enter: Hair perfume.

Unlike traditional perfume, hair perfumes are made with conditioning formulas, intended to diffuse the scent throughout the day—and they cost a fraction of their spritzy equivalents. For example, Byredo's 'Gypsy Rose' comes in at $175, while its 'hair perfume' is $75. I'm not here to say hair perfumes are a budget product—they're still expensive!—but it's a cost I can justify, until the day I feel comfortable charging the equivalent of a fancy dinner for four to my credit card. Here are some hair perfumes I've tried and loved, many of which I discovered through your recommendations: 

1. Byredo 'Gypsy Water,' $75 for 2.5 fl. oz.: This scent has long been a favorite of Emily's and is light and bright, but still perfect for fall because of the juniper berries and sandalwood in it. 

2. Crosby Elements in 'Emerald,' $28 for 2 fl. oz.: This Portland-based, all-natural perfume smells like palo santo, with a touch of frankincense (which can be very divisive, but I love!). This bergamot option is a perfect alternative for those frankin-averse. 

3. Fredrik Malle 'Carnal Flower,' $170 for 2.4 fl. oz.: Clearly not all hair mists are significantly less expensive than their perfume alternatives, but I'm including this one because it's been so highly recommended to me as a more subtle version of the perfume. 

4. Jo Malone in 'Pear and Freesia,' $50 for 1.7 fl. oz.: This hair mist version of the cult-favorite perfume is about a third of the price of a full-sized cologne and would smell so pretty in summertime. 

5. Chanel 'Gabrielle' Hair Mist $65, for 1.35 fl. oz.: 'Gabrielle' is the only Chanel scent I love, probably because it's grounded in white florals, including ylang-ylang, orange blossom, and jasmine. Because I admittedly spritz too much on whenever I get the chance, this mist would be a much more subtle (and cost-effective) way to wear it. 

6. Sachachuan Protective Hair Perfume, $51 for 50 ml: This scent leans a bit more masculine, with cedarwood that's balanced out by musk, and contains olive oil, which apparently protects hair during the day. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.