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Eight Manicure and Pedicure Color Combinations

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When I do things with girlfriends, I inevitably slip back to the mindset of a middle school girl. If we're at brunch and I'm considering eggs, I'll almost always switch up my order for fear of having "food envy" once my friend's waffles arrive. The same goes for nails and whenever I'm at the salon, I like seeing the color combination my friend has chosen before finalizing on mine. But besides my tendency to waver like an adolescent, these are eight of my all-time favorite shades I never question.


 Combo 1 // nude + red

Combo 2 // white + navy

Combo 3 // metallic + coral

Combo 4 // rich blue + light blue

Combo 5 // grey + light pink

Combo 6 // dusty pink + dusty green

Combo 7 // pink purple + lilac

Combo 8 // vamp + orange

Products in this post may contain affiliate links