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Drugstore Haul

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Whenever I go to the drugstore, I manage to spend nearly 3x what I should on random beauty products. I'll go in for cough drops and before I know it, I've thrown an eyeliner, lipgloss, and hairspray into my cart. But over the years, I've also come to rely on certain drugstore basics as part of my daily routine, which I mix in with some higher end products. Here are the ten things that I'd deem as my favorites.


I'll occasionally buy expensive leave-in conditioners and masks, but since they're so pricey, I end up using them sparingly. This leave-in cream makes my hair silky and smooth, it smells great, and since it's affordable, I actually end up using it with some regularity.

These Conair tiny clear rubber bands are essential for making braids and hair updos stay put without looking messy (used here). 


I'm embarrassed to admit that I try nearly every mascara that comes out, but the wand on this one really helps define my lashes (I mean, it's called Clump Crusher for a reason).

I use these fake lashes anytime I want to add a bit of drama to my look. They go on easily, stay put, and still manage to look natural.


I rotate cleansers every so often, but Cetaphil remains a perennial favorite since it's so easy on sensitive skin.

I'm not much of a body lotion kind of girl (it always feels heavy on my skin), so I've been using this oil for years. 

This is my face lotion I use everyday. Not only does it have spf 15, it also helps even out my skin tone, which is perpetually red and dry.


I discovered Vixen a while ago. It's an ideal deep oxblood shade that's intense without being too goth.


A friend turned me on to Maybelline's Baby Lips recently (specifically "Pink Punch"). It gives my lips just a slight pink color and also smells delicious. Think: Lip Smackers for adults.

I have a bad habit of not always washing my face before bed. These towelettes make it easy and leave behind no cloying scent or stickiness.

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Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.