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DermStore is Offering Up To 20% Off For MDW (!)

Here's what we've *added to cart.*
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We never miss a Dermstore sale, especially when nearly everything is up to 20% off (!) with the code SALEAWAY, just in time to stock up on barely-there summer makeup, self tanner, and sunscreen. Here are the products we already love, can't wait to try, and will most definitely be adding to our carts today:


1. Vita Liberata Gradual Self Tanning Lotion (was $20, now $16): You already know how I feel about this product, which not only gives your skin a subtle, sunkissed glow but is also made with clean ingredients. I love how it evens out my skintone, and makes me look just-tan-enough. It's another product I buy in bulk anytime it goes on sale.

2. RevitaBrow Eyebrow Conditioner (was $110, now $88): I credit this product with finally regrowing the eyebrows I over-plucked in the late '90s. I've been using it for a year and a half, so any time it goes on sale, I stock up! It's expensive, but each bottle lasts about four months.

3. ILIA True Skin Concealer (was $30, now $24): This summer, my goal is to wear as little makeup as possible while still looking fresh-faced and effortless. With tan and glowy skin and touches of this dewy concealer as needed, I'll be good to go!

4. NurseJamie Instant Uplift (was $69, now $58): TBH, I was originally influenced to buy this when I saw someone else on Instagram using it. I'm still on the fence on how big of a visible difference it actually makes, but I will say it's one of the nicest things to use in the morning after I've woken up and put serum on. I often use it when I wake up with puffy eyes, and it feels like a gentle massage over my lids.

5. Aquis Hair Turban (was $30, now $24): I've been using my Aquis Hair Turban for the better part of a decade and, I'm embarrassed to say, have never replaced them (not to mention the fact that Sloan used them too!). They're the single best tool for cutting down on drying time and eliminating frizz. I notice a difference anytime I don't use them. 

6. Baby Foot Deep Skin Exfoliation (was $25, now $20): This product offers a skin exfoliation process. I look forward to trying this out just in time for sandal season. Plus, all the five-star reviews can't lie.

7. Peter Thomas Roth Hyaluronic Gel Eye Patches (was $55, now $44): I bought these for myself and my mom over Christmas and use them at a pretty good clip. They're cooling, lovely to put on in the morning to feel more alive and refreshed. I love the idea of keeping a jar in the fridge during the summer for a cooling effect, because they're just fancy enough to not use every day (but I certainly reach for them at least once a week!). 

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1. The Nue Co. Functional Fragrance (was $30, now $24): I've been looking for a new perfume, and this one from The Nue Co. caught my eye. It's touted as a "functional fragrance," meaning it has a woody, palo santo scent that's also intended to reduce anxiety for the wearer. I'm a bit skeptical, but the five-star reviews have me intrigued!

2ILIA Super Serum Skin Tint in 'Diaz' (was $48, now $38): Have I ever missed a 20% off opportunity to buy more ILIA? Nope, no I have not. I love this foundation, which provides just-enough coverage, to look and feel like a natural base that makes my skin look and feel like a prettier version of itself. Since mine exploded in my bad on my way to L.A., I'll be taking advantage of the discounted price to buy another!

3. The Good Patch (was $12, now $9): Another "curiosity purchase," I saw these at Target recently and am intrigued by this transdermal patch, which has caffeine in it (!) for an energy boost. Will I feel incredibly jittery? Is it better than coffee? Is it the jetlag cure we've all been waiting for? Will report back. 

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1. Caudalie Beauty Elixir (was $49 now $39), Vinopure Natural Salicylic Acid Pore Minimizing Serum (was $49 now $39), and Vinopure Natural Oil Control Moisturizer (was $35 now $28): I added these three products as one because, while I love them each on their own, they're even better when working together. I use the Beauty Elixir daily (in place of a toner, to dampen my Beautyblender, and for a mid-day dewy glow), and every other morning, I apply the Vinopure serum as the second step in my skincare routine (I'm about to finish my first bottle and I've loved it). I then add about 1/8 of a tsp. of the moisturizer, which I've found minimizes my pores and prevents my forehead from getting shiny. My favorite part is that they all feel good going on (and smell even better). 

2. ILIA Limitless Lash Mascara (was $28, now $22): I've been testing other mascaras and this one continues to lead the pack (thank you for evangelizing me years ago, Leslie!). It gives incredible length and volume, and the brush leads to fantastic lash separation.

3. Joanna Vargas Daily Serum (was $85, now $69): I was gifted this product last year and only recently started using it. Well...damn, she's effective. The color was initially a bit jarring (green!), but it's not visible once applied to the skin. It feels incredibly indulgent, almost spa-like, which makes sense since Joanna is an esthetician known for creating gorgeous, glowing skin. The reviews speak for themselves, but my face and jawline have felt smoother than they have in years.

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1. Peter Thomas Roth Instant Mineral SPF 45 (was $30, now $24): I have extremely sensitive, picky skin. I’m very devoted to my Elta MD face sunscreen (also available at Dermstore but not included in this sale, whomp), but I’m anticipating a lot of fun in the sun this summer. My nose and under my eyes are very prone to lobstering after an hour or so in the sun, and this “instant” mineral sunscreen brush is honestly kind of genius? Just throw it in your bag and use it for touchups as needed throughout the day.

2. Jouer Essential Lip Enhancing Shine Balm (was $20, now $16): Another day, another tinted lip balm to try. My current favorite is NARS Afterglow lip balm in 'Dolce Vita', but I’m very intrigued by Jouer’s Essential Lip Enhancing Shine Balm in 'Dahlia'. The only two reviewers said the color looks good with their “soft green/blue eyes” so I feel like it’s a sign?

3. Miriam Quevedo Hair Multiplying Mask (was $40, now $32): Does this hair mask actually help with hair loss? I have no idea. But I’m definitely willing to find out. Apparently it also smells like roses, so I’ll see ya in the checkout line.

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1. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen (was $34, now $27): Supergoop is my go-to sunblock brand and I had tried the older formula of this product and really loved it. I've been using their current formula for the last three weeks and am very happy with it. It's a clear jelly-like texture that goes on really smoothly and without a white cast. My sister has even stolen it from me a few times and we've noticed that it works almost like a primer under our foundations.

2. FOREO Luna Mini 2 (was $139, now $111): I've spoken about this on the blog before, but I am a big FOREO believer. With the right cleanser (I prefer a gentle gel one) it does wonders for my skin. I notice a big difference when I don't use the brush and it removes the need to exfoliate as much.

3. REN Clean Skincare Ready Glowy Daily AHA Tonic (was $38, now $30.40): AHAs are a little intimidating but, when used properly, they can yield amazing results. I'm currently out of this toner but it's one of my favorites. It's gentle enough to be used daily but I was happy with the results I got from using it every other day. Bonus points for the 100% recycled packaging and easy-to-use pump. 

Products purchased through this post may earn us a commission.